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What Are The Symptoms If Your Horse Has A Tooth Ache

Although we have stop signs for traffic, the body does not pay any attention to them. You have to do a bit more work in order to stop sinus drainage (also called post nasal drip). One remedy usually isn’t enough to stop sinus drainage all on its own – you often need to combine remedies. If you are having any nasal problems greatly hampering your quality of life, you really should go see a doctor. Don’t rely on just this article or any other article about how to stop sinus drainage you read. You might have a unique situation. It’s better to pay the money for a proper diagnosis now than spend a fortune in the future paying for over the counter medications that will ultimately not work.


There is such a thing as massage to stop sinus drainage. Being on the receiving end of a professional massage is not too bitter a pill to swallow, is it? You can also give yourself a sinus relief massage, but it might not be as much fun. Make sure your hands are at least room temperature. Start at the center of your forehead and move your fingertips in tiny circles to the temples. Go to the bridge of your nose and massage the same way across your cheeks. Use the same technique to massage your jaw line from your ears to your chin.


You can incorporate acupressure into your facial massage to help stop sinus drainage. This is where you press specific parts of your face for a certain length of time. Acupressure techniques to stop sinus drainage are complicated to accurately explain with just words. Fortunately, there are many acupressure techniques to help you stop sinus drainage in books, web sites and instructional DVDs. You can also get it done professionally, usually by practitioners of Chinese Medicine or acupuncturists.

Keep Drinking (Not Alchohol)

Remember the old home remedy for a cold – “Rest and plenty of fluids”? Well, the drink plenty of fluids part is also good to stop sinus drainage. It is thought the average American doesn’t drink enough good liquids (water, fruit juice or herbal teas). “Bad” drinks that can dehydrate you include soft drinks, any alcoholic beverage and coffee. (The jury is still out on black tea.) Your sinuses are thick enough – by getting them moving, it will hopefully soon stop sinus drainage, or at least the worst of it.