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For many people, yearly sinus congestion is an ongoing battle. Allergies can trigger the onset of sinus congestion and discomfort. Being aware of sinus problem symptoms can help patients learn what to look for and when to seek a physician’s assistance.

Sinus Problem Symptoms: Causes and How to Pursue Treatment

Sinus problem symptoms, for some, can be predictable. People with allergies that occur during a specific season can expect to have sinus problem symptoms. A virus can also cause a sinus infection by damaging the lining of the sinus passages and causing them to become inflamed. Then bacteria that is normally present in the sinus passages becomes trapped and multiples, causing an infection to occur.

A sinus infection can happen in any of the sinus passages. The sinus symptoms may vary according to which sinus passage is infected. When a person has an Ethmoid sinus infection, which is one that occurs behind the eyes, the sinus problem symptoms are: nasal congestion, pain or pressure by the inner eye and down the nose, headache, and fever is a common complaint with this type of sinus infection.

The sinus problem symptoms associated with Maxillary sinus infection, which happens in the sinus passages behind the cheekbones are, pain across the cheekbones or even in the upper teeth, the cheekbones can be red and swollen, fever, and of course a congested nose. Sinus problem symptoms that can happen when a patient has other sinus infections include the above symptoms and headaches in the front of the head, pain when lying down and even double vision can become of the sinus problem symptoms.

It is important when experiencing sinus problem symptoms to visit with a physician. Untreated sinus infections can be a serious problem and the infection needs medical assistance in order to clear up. Antibiotics are generally the proper course of treatment for a sinus infection, but a physician needs to be seen to determine if there are any other problems.

When a patient is having sinus problem symptoms, they can be extremely uncomfortable. There are some over the counter medicines that can be taken to help relieve some of the sinus problem symptoms, and a physician can give advice on which over the counter medicines will work best for your symptoms.

Sinus problem symptoms are an indication of an infection and a patient needs to pay attention to the symptoms in order to get the best treatment possible infection. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 5:04:00 AM