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Symtoms Of A Horse With A Bad Tooth

When a person has nasal congestion the potential for it to develop into a sinus infection is present. Many people find themselves chronic sufferers of sinus infections and try to keep their sinus passages clear in order to avoid these conditions.

Sinus Infection Causes: Some Things to Be Aware of

Sinus infection causes are a simple chain of events that lead to an over production of bacteria in the nasal passages. The nasal passages can become constricted and swollen due to colds or even allergies. When a person has a cold, the post nasal drip causes the nasal passages to become inflamed and mucus is produced. This mucus contains bacteria that then grows causing an infection to occur.

Another of the sinus infection causes is from allergies. The body’s response to a substance that it is allergic to is to become irritated. This irritation leads to the inflammation of the sinus passages resulting in mucus being trapped and again the over growth of bacteria to become a problem.

These two problems are the main sinus infection causes, and for many patients it is hard to control either of the situations. Trying to keep the sinus passages clear is one way to avoid sinus infection causes. The prevention of the over growth of bacteria can assist in preventing a sinus infection.

Symptoms of a Sinus Infection

Many people with sinus infections complain of the feeling of pressure in their face. This is a result of the build up of mucus that is unable to escape the sinus passages. This pressure can be very uncomfortable and many state that it gets worse if they are lying down or bending over.

Other symptoms are of course congestion, fever and often patients have headaches again as the result of the congestion of the sinus passages. Many patients have even complained about their teeth hurting. This is because sinus passages are under the top teeth and if they are congested the pain can radiate through the teeth. Patients who have had chronic sinus infections are quicker to note the problems and seek help.

If a patient is experiencing this type of symptoms it is important to contact a doctor to discover what sinus infection causes has created this condition. Sinus infection causes that include allergies can be helped by seeking treatment to help fight the allergy reaction.

By talking with a physician, a patient can have a better understanding of what their own sinus infection causes are, and the possibilities of treating those causes to prevent sinus infections.