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Symtoms Of A Horse With A Bad Tooth

A sinus infection can make you miserable and the end result to get rid of it is usually a round of antibiotics and decongestants. However, what if you can cure sinus infection at home naturally with some things already in your kitchen cabinet? You could not only save money on a doctor’s visit and prescription, but you can also keep your body from building resistance to live-saving antibiotics.

To cure sinus infection at home naturally just takes some patience, planning and yes, preventative treatment measures. The best offense is the result of a good defense so it makes sense to keep a sinus infection from happening in the first place. However, if you are fairly new to natural cures, you may not be able to stop a sinus infection before it starts but you sure can stop it before it causes you too much pain and discomfort.

The Power of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to cure everything from headaches to ant bites, so it stands to reason that they are also a way to cure sinus infection at home naturally. Oregano oil is a popular essential oil used to treat sinus problems as it has some great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Just put a few drops of oregano oil in some water or juice several times a day and within a few days, your sinus infection symptoms typically go away.

To promote the break up of sinus congestion which often leads to sinus infection, mix a drop or two of peppermint essential oil with some olive oil and massage into the aching sinus areas like the area above the eyes and around the nose. It doesn’t take long for your nose to start running which allows you to blow your nose and expel that potential infection-causing mucus. Adding eucalyptus into your humidifier nightly is another way to cure sinus infection at home naturally.

Your Pantry Ingredients

Daily salt water rinses of your sinuses is a way to prevent sinus infections altogether. Of course, it takes some practice doing it manually so you might want to purchase a Neti pot which is perfectly shaped to tip into a nostril. This special pot has a well inside in which you can mix your warm water and salt.

Apple cider vinegar is yet another pantry item that can cure sinus infection at home naturally. Typically, a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day are enough to prevent most colds, flu and sinus problems. However, if a sinus infection looks like it is sneaking up on you, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in an eight ounce glass of water three to four times a day. Apple cider vinegar quickly thins your mucus so that it can be expelled easier. Within a few days, you should feel a lot better and you likely will have successfully fought off a sinus infection!

To cure a sinus infection at home naturally means relying on some age old wisdom that has been handed down for centuries. The reason why these “folk remedies” have staying power is that they actually work for many people with maladies from colds to flu to sinus infections. Therefore, if you want to find even more ways to cure sinus infection at home naturally, head to your library for a little research or the internet.