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Quick Fix For Sinus Infection

Sinus problems cause misery for millions of people every year and each person usually has a different reason for developing this problem. Acute sinusitis is the name for a typical sinus infection that goes away usually with a round of antibiotics plus the use of decongestants or anti-inflammatory medicines. However, when a person has diffuse sinusitis, they have a much deeper problem that requires more than just prescription medication.

Acute Sinusitis versus Diffuse Sinusitis

With acute sinusitis, you will likely have pain in the sinus cavities that are located mostly in the facial area like behind the eyes and you might even experience tooth pain. For some reason an infection has prevented proper draining of the sinus cavities, creating a build-up of fluids (mucus) that got infected. Luckily, antibiotics usually help in the treatment of acute sinusitis, unlike in the case of diffuse sinusitis.

Often, another underlying cause is the problem in these cases and unfortunately, it is only after a lot of suffering and trial and error of treatments that the condition is diagnosed. When CT scans are done, usually diffuse sinusitis can be plainly seen and can be caused by such deformities as polyps or abnormal growths in the sinus cavities. These will cause a thickening of the mucosal membranes along nasal passageways and sinuses and is the main reason why diffuse sinusitis is not often treatable by medication alone.

Treatment of Diffuse Sinusitis

Diffuse sinusitis, in layman medical terms, basically means that your sinus problems are invasive and spread out, requiring medical and surgical intervention in order to improve the quality of life. What this means for you in terms of your diffuse sinusitis is that surgery is really the only answer in order to bring any relief as medications won’t bring any more relief.

These polyps or abnormal growths must be excised away from the sinus cavity or nasal passageways where they are blocking normal drainage of the sinuses. New techniques such as the use of lasers have greatly reduced the invasiveness of cutting these growths away, thus greatly reducing the recovery time of surgery for diffuse sinusitis. Surgery is at least mostly successful for many people while some are in the unlucky few who have recurrent polyp growth this precipitating the need for additional diffuse sinusitis surgical treatment.

It should be noted that there are some occasions where this diffusive form of sinusitis cannot always be successfully treated due to some underlying condition. Sometimes, people with immune system diseases like cystic fibrosis or even AIDS will always have problems with diffuse sinusitis and will only realize temporary relief from surgery.

Of course, great strides are being made every day in medicine so there may soon be other methods to help those individuals with diffuse sinusitis. Until then, only with the help of your doctor can you devise a treatment plan to keep those symptoms at bay.