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Sinus congestion is a very basic symptom that can indicate a number of different illnesses and conditions. It helps to become familiar with the variety of types of sinus congestion that you might experience, to help you determine whether your problem is viral or bacterial in nature so that you can find the most effective treatment as quickly as possible. In some cases, treatment may simply mean home remedies that will relieve your symptoms. Other situations of sinus congestion may require an appointment with your doctor so that a prescription medication can be used. The good news is that there are some easy ways to determine the type of sinus congestion you have and what you need to do about it.

The first step in analyzing your sinus congestion is to check the color and consistency of the mucus. If it is thick and green or yellow in color, it is highly possible that you have an infection and you will need your doctor’s help to get rid of it. Clear mucus generally indicates a cold or allergies, which can be effectively treated at home with over the counter medications and homeopathic remedies. Sinus congestion with a runny nose usually means a cold or allergies, while congestion that is accompanied by body aches and a fever will often indicate the flu. Sinus congestion with pain and pressure in the face is often a sign of a sinus infection as well.


Once you have determined the cause of your sinus congestion, you can proceed to the treatment options that will bring you relief from the symptoms. Colds and allergies often respond well to over the counter remedies like decongestants, decongestant nasal sprays and antihistamines for allergy problems. Another great medication that you can use for these conditions is an expectorant, like guaifenesin, which will thin the mucus, making it easier for your body to expel it. Finally, you can use pain relievers like ibuprofen to help ease the discomfort that pressure and sinus congestion can bring.

If you think that your sinus congestion is an indicator of an infection, you will probably need to make an appointment with your doctor for additional diagnosis and treatment options. It is common for an infection to be treated with antibiotics, and other types of prescription medication that can help to relieve the acute sinus pain and pressure that is often the result of this type of sinus congestion. The sooner that you head into the doctor for treatment of a potential sinus infection, the quicker that you will find relief and the easier it will be to kick out the infection completely.

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