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Sinus infections are a common problem for many people every year. Patients can find themselves becoming very ill when they let a sinus infection continue and do not seek medical help. Sinusitis symptoms are fairly easy to notice and many are almost able to diagnose themselves after having several sinus infections.

Sinusitis Symptoms and Treatments

Sinusitis symptoms usually occur in the face region and almost always present the patient with a feeling of pressure against their face. Depending on which sinus passage that is infected, the pressure can be felt around the eyes, down the side of the face, around the nose and even pain and pressure can be felt on the top teeth.

Another of the sinusitis symptoms is of course, nasal congestion. The sinus passages become inflamed during a sinus infection and the inflammation causes bacteria to overgrow, resulting in a sinus infection. Congestion of the nasal passages is one of the common sinusitis symptoms.

Headaches and even a fever can also be sinusitis symptoms. These are both relatively broad symptoms, but many people experience them when they have a sinus infection. The headaches can occur right in the front of the head or even on the sides of the face.

If a patient is experiencing these types of sinusitis symptoms, an appointment with their doctor is advisable. Sinus infections can become severe as there is bacteria present in the nasal passages that needs to be controlled. If a patient suspects they have a sinus infection a doctor can help determine the severity of the infection and what course of treatment would be advisable.

Many doctors will evaluate the sinusitis symptoms and then decide which antibiotics would be the most beneficial to the patient. A course of treatment with antibiotics is generally the most reliable way to get rid of a sinus infection, although it can take several treatments to fully get rid of the infection.

Sinusitis symptoms that last for more than two weeks should be a good indication that it is time to see a doctor. If a patientís sinusitis symptoms donít seem too severe but are persistent, a visit to the doctor is still advisable. Sinus infections can be a long term problem for many patients and if they are a chronic issue, some physicians may recommend sinus surgery to open up the conge stated sinus passages.

Sinusitis symptoms need to be paid attention to and patients should take the time to learn if their symptoms may indicate other conditions that need further evaluation. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 7:23:14 AM