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Is It Bad To Swallow Sinus Drainage

Having a sinus infection is not only painful, but can last for a very long time. Patients are seeking ways to help get sinusitis relief and move on with their lives. Take some time to research the options that may help with this condition.

What Is a Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection is the end product of having severe congestion. This congestion in the sinus area causes a backup of mucus that then allows for bacteria to grow and over produce. This bacteria then causes an infection.

Some of the symptoms of a sinus infection include pain that can radiate down the sides of the face, under the eyes or even around the nose. Headaches are often a problem for people who have a sinus infection and they can even have a fever. Some people will even mention that their top teeth hurt. This is due to the fact that there are sinus passages above the upper teeth, and when these become congested the pain will filter down into the teeth.

Finding Sinusitis Relief

Getting sinusitis relief can involve a visit to the doctor. Sinusitis relief may only occur after a prescription for antibiotics is given. Sinusitis relief may take some time as it is hard to relieve the pressure that occurs due to the congestion in the sinus passages.

Some other ways to get sinusitis relief can come in the form of over the counter medicines. There are many products available that can give some sinusitis relief. These products can help with the congestion and relieve some of the pressure. They can also help with the headaches that often accompany a sinus infection.

Sinusitis relief can also be found by doing nasal rinses. A nasal rinse involves using a specially made plastic bottle with a lid that has a hole in it. Water is placed in the bottle and a solution is then placed in the water and the bottle is shook up. Then a patient sprays the mixture into one nostril and then the other.

This form of sinusitis relief helps by directly getting the congestion in the sinus passages to move. It is not necessarily the most pleaseant experience, but it can dramatcily help a person with a sinus infection. Often, doctors suggest doing a nasal rinse twice a day when a person is suffering with a sinus infection.

Sometimes it may take several products to provide sinusitis relief. Talk with a doctor about what would be recommended for your particular sinus problem.