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Is It Bad To Swallow Sinus Drainage

Unlike many other kinds of illnesses and disorders, it’s pretty darn obvious when you are experiencing the signs of sinus infection. The easiest self-diagnosis is to say the words “dead tea bag” out loud. If the result sounds something like “tid eee agth” you know you have a sinus problem like sinusitis. These signs of sinus infection will vary with intensity with each person, and you don’t have to have all of them to have a sinus infection. If you have these signs of sinus infection for more than a week, do yourself and your sinuses and any roommates a favor by going to see the doctor.

“My Nose Feels Like It Weighs Five Pounds.”

This above line uttered by Major Frank Burns in M*A*S*H when he had the flu is the best description of what a sinus infection feel like that this writer has ever seen. Your nose will suddenly become the center of your universe. Signs of sinus infection include not being able to breathe from your nose to a constant flow of mucus. Your nose is often hot, red and swollen. The reason for this is that your sinuses are clogged. The reason why your sinuses are clogged is a little more complicated. That could be due to a new growth in your nose, sinusitis or allergies. You need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.


Because the sinuses are inside your head and they are filled up, they put tremendous pressure on the rest of your head. This can lead to very painful and persistent headaches, one of the more debilitating signs of sinus infection. The good news is that about 75% of sinus headaches are treatable, usually by treating your sinus infection that causes the pressure in the first place. There are excellent over the counter drugs for allergy or flu relief that specifically target sinus headaches. These are recommended over medicines targeted for headaches, even migraines.

Sore Throat

In a Garfield comic strip, the owner turns to a coughing Garfield and says, “Nice cough you got there.” “It should be, “thinks Garfield. “I’ve been practicing all night.” This strip is a good reminder of yet another common sign of sinus infection – a constant sore throat, with or without coughing. Although you can ease the sore throat with sore throat medicines, it will only be temporary relief at best. You need to fix the sinus infection before you can fix the sore throaght.


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