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How To Prevent Sinus Drainage

Sinus is in fact a cavity in which blood or even water tends to collect, and it is usual for the body to have many sinuses in it and it is not uncommon for them to be present in the bones, various tissues as well as in organs, though you and I are usually only aware of Para nasal sinus that in fact happen to be four cavity pairs that exist in the facial bones. It is the Para nasal sinus that is well known and the reason is because most common sinus problems emerge from here.

Reasons for Sinusitis

Though there are many Para nasal sinus disorders that are known, the most common sinus problem is sinusitis which occurs when tissues that are lining the sinus become inflamed and the reason for such inflammation could be because of allergy, inhaling of substances that irritate such as gas and fumes, or it could occur because of a virus or even because of bacterial infection.

Also, there are cells lining the sinus that exit into your nose through certain openings that in turn connect the nasal passageways to the sinus, and when these openings are smaller than is necessary there is a greater likelihood of a sinus problem occurring because of inadequate drainage.

The best way to treat your sinus problem, especially if it is a mild irritation of the sinus, is to take aspirin or another analgesic that is not too strong, and when it involves an allergy, you can use antihistamines and even nasal decongestants will help reduce the inflamed passageway and thus improve the drainage. However, the majority of serious sinus problems happen due to infection of the sinus and if the infection is caused by virus in the upper respiratory system, the symptoms are generally not very serious and will go away on their own in a short period of time.

It is bacterial infection that can lead to complications of an existing cold or even infection of the upper respiratory system which may need stronger handling. And, when a sinus problem is acute you will feel pain, and tenderness that may be accompanied by fever as well as swelling and which may require use of antibiotics though it may be necessary to first irrigate the sinuses.

If a sinus problem is not treated, there is a much greater risk of developing complications that can even turn very serious and these complications would include infection of the bone and even tissue infection near the eye, as also developing meningitis, and sometimes even brain abscess. It would thus be in your best interests to refrain from smoking and also is not near where there are pollutants that can trigger your sinus problem.