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Equines are most prone to suffering from respiratory diseases and these are medical conditions for which owners of equines need to have more information available if they want to properly get their equines treated for diseases such as equine sinusitis. One source for more information related to this equine problem is the one that is called Equine Respiratory Diseases and which is authored by Bonnie Rush in which you get a clear as well as concise picture to treat the various diseases that equines suffer from including clinical anatomy, prevention of equine sinusitis as also its treatment.

Nasal Breathers

Getting to know why equine sinusitis occurs in equines is especially important because horses are primarily nasal breathers and any problem with nasal cavities as well Para nasal sinuses should be dealt with immediately because otherwise it could cause nasal airflow impairment and thus loss of performance, which in the case of a workhorse, or athletic horse can be very serious. In fact, this disease in equines can lead to chronic nasal discharge and also distortion of the face and because the equine requires breathing in large quantities of air and that too at proper temperatures and humidity, especially if it is to perform athletics, it makes treating it for equine sinusitis a very urgent matter.

Equine sinusitis could occur because of inflammation that is a result of bacteria or mycotic infection, and even due to dental disease, and other related causes including facial trauma and even maxillary cysts. In fact, you can consider equine sinusitis to be unilateral which occurs irrespective of breed, age and even gender, and common signs of equine sinusitis include unilateral discharge from the nose that is purulent, and among the less serious symptoms and signs you could include swelling of the face, exophthalmoses and the making of respiratory noises that are quite abnormal.

In addition, equine sinusitis could also is seen when the horse begins to shake his or her head and there is general intolerance to exercising. However, if you notice nasal discharge that happens to be purulent, you can be sure that your horse has clinical signs of equine sinusitis though the condition can also happen secondarily to dental fractures that are idiopathic, and also because of extreme diastemata.

One of the ways to treat equine sinusitis is to give the horse antimicrobial drugs though in case the horse has chronic equine sinusitis, then antimicrobiotic therapy may fail.

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