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Sinus infections can be really disturbing and so painful that most often than not they hinder us from getting around and doing our regular daily activities. Due to the pains and hassles that sinus infections may cause us, we often feel that once we get the sniffles, we are bound to come down with the flu or the cold.

If you are so tired of all the medications that you take when you have sinus infections and would not want to experience the side effects, here are some home remedies for severe sinus infections that you could use. These home remedies for severe sinus infection are much easier to take than drugs and you will feel a whole lot better once you have used them.

Home Humidifier

One of the best home remedies that you could do when you have severe sinus infections is using a teapot or any pot or pan to emanate a clean vapor after you boil an ample amount of water in it. Place your face near the teapot where the vapor is coming out from and it would serve as your humidifier to open up your sinuses. Hopefully, in no time, you will enjoy better breathing and fewer headaches.

Hot Lemonade

Another great home remedy for severe sinus infection that you can easily do at home is making hot lemonade with fresh lemons. All you have to do is follow the instructions of regular lemonade, but use hot water instead of cold. This home remedy for severe sinus infection is great in the sense that it protects you from fevers, colds or the flu because of the lemon’s antibacterial and antivirus properties. Besides that, it instantly makes you feel calmer and have a soothed which is very comforting during a sinus related illness.

Oregon Grapefruit

If you are not afraid of using herbal medicines, then feel free to use Oregon grapefruit as one of your home remedies for severe sinus infections. The Oregon grapefruit is very effective in treating your sinus infection because it is a natural antibiotic that instantly kills bacteria. Preparing this kind of medication at home could never be easier because you can buy it from specialty stores in the form of pills or capsules.

However, like many other herbals concoctions, the Oregon grapefruit should be avoided when you are pregnant. Always ask your physician before starting any new pill or supplement when you are pregnant, nursing or suffering from a chronic condition.

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