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May 27th, 2017

Women Wearing Men's Shoes- The Why's and How's to Converting Sizes

With millions of online stores offering anything you can imagine, there is a real trend in shopping online. Shopping online was once considered risky with shoppers being afraid of their credit card information or personal information being available to the public. However today shopping online is easier and safer than ever. Buying clothing and shoes online can help you get items you cannot get locally as well as save money. There is always a store online offering a better price and a better deal, so be sure to check around.

Shopping online can be difficult however because you don't have the item you want at your fingertips. When it comes to clothing and shoes, you cannot physically try them on. So, there are things you should be much more aware of when shopping for these things online. Use these tips to help you shops for shoes successfully online.

Know Your Body

The most important thing you can do when shopping for shoes online is to know your body. Know what looks good on you. If you have short legs, you should know that tall boots would not likely flatter your shape. If your calves are a little larger than most, know that you should beware of tall boots as well. Many people have wide feet, in which you know you cannot wear most skinny heels. All of these things are completely normal parts of a person's body. However, you should keep them in mind when shopping for shoes online. If you have a wide foot, be sure that you are not trying to purchase narrow shoes and vice versa. Knowing what works for you and what you like best will help you make realistic purchases. Remember, although it looks good on the model online, it may not look that great in real life.

Size Charts Help

There are too many shoppers who ignore the sizing charts most shoe websites provide to them. These size charts are not put on the site for any other reason than to help you make a successful purchase. A lot of research goes into them so you should take a look. Although most people know their shoe or boot size, some brands will differ greatly. This is essential when you are buying specialty shoes, like sporting or dance shoes. The specialty shoes are often a little bigger or smaller than your normal size. Most size charts will allow you to compare your street shoe size with the size you need. They are very easy to read and are nothing but helpful. If you use the charts, as you should, there should be no problem in the size being wrong.

Return Policies

Occasionally you will order the correct size however the shoe you get will just not fit right. It may be too narrow or the toe area may be too small. No matter what the problem is, you should always be aware of a website's return policies before ordering. You don't want to wait until it's too late to figure out they don't take returns. Educate yourself on the policies before you put down the cash. Most shoe websites will allow you to return or exchange your purchase as long as the shoes have no been worn outdoors. This can be a tricky thing however because even if you wear them outside once, you could be voiding the return policy. The best thing to do is to wear them inside a few times. You will know after these trials whether or not the shoe will work for you.

Along with the return policies, be sure you understand shipping charges as well. Some shoe websites won't charge you additional shipping for returns or exchanges. However, some will charge you for sending the item back as well as for shipping the new pair. You don't want to be caught in this type of fee game, so check it out before you buy. If you use the sizing chart and if you know your body then you probably won't even need to worry about these things. However, there are always things that happen and shopping online will not give you a complete idea about how the shoe will fit or feel on your foot