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March 28th, 2017

Women Wearing Men's Shoes- The Why's and How's to Converting Sizes

Some people would sacrifice comfort for style no matter what the cost. Women wear around four inch heels that cause their feet to hurt and their toes to curl, and not in a good way. Other people however would rather be comfortable than anything else. Show manufacturers have taken notice of the emerging comfort trend and are creating more updated options to traditionally comfortable shoes. The loafer is one style that we are seeing come back in a huge way. Although the loafer has never really gone out of style, it has not been seen as a trendy option for the last ten years at least. Today things are changing and the loafer is re-emerging as a stylish shoe option. Take a look at these four reasons people everywhere are sporting the newest versions of the loafer shoe.


When you talk to most loafer owners, they will tell you one thing for sure; their loafers are the most comfortable shoes they own. Loafers are shoes that allow your feet to breathe. They are not constricting and are great for your arches. They tend to be very cushioned in the sole, which helps with overall comfort. Although most loafers do have a small-wedged heel, it is nothing that causes any type of stress on your feet, ankles, or legs. The loafer is something that you don't rush to take off as soon as you get home. You can wear them around the house and still be completely comfortable. Don't think that just because they are so comfortable that they are only meant for those who are constantly on their feet. Anyone can wear a loafer shoe and experience the comfort they long for.


Some people who tend to be drawn toward loafer shoes are those that appreciate the ease a loafer offers. Loafers are shoes that can be slid on without needing to be tied. They are perfect for people who have bad back problems or those who cannot bend easily. You can be sitting and slip your feet into a loafer shoe without needing to bend at all. The ease is something that many wearers may overlook, but those who need an easy shoe, certainly appreciate. If you are someone that has a medical problem that prevents you from being able to bend easily, try a loafer shoe! Even pregnant woman appreciate the ease of a loafer.


Loafers are great because they are perfect for any occasion. They are ideal for a weekend at home, a trip to the grocery, to church, or even to the office. They can be used to dress down or to dress up. You can pair them with many different clothing pieces to get different looks. When worn with jeans you can create a classic yet casual look for any event. When worn with dress slacks, loafers can be a comfortable way to get a little more formal. Wearing them to the office is a great idea if you do a lot of walking. Your feet will appreciate the comfort and you will still look great. Loafers are very versatile which is one thing that is bringing them back in such a huge way. Not only can you stay comfortable but you can also save money only needing a few pairs of loafers to get you through any event.

Stylish Options

More companies are beginning to offer more style options when it comes to the loafer shoe. Traditionally you could only purchase the loafer in brown or black leather. Today however, while the brown and black leather are still available, you can get loafers made of many different materials. You can find canvas loafers, suede loafers, and leather loafers. They are coming in many different colors as well. The canvas and suede varieties are particularly colorful. They tend to have more of a sporty feel to them as well. You would not likely wear the canvas or suede loafers to the office, unless you have a causal dress code. These extended style options are drawing a bigger crowd toward the loafer shoe however. Where older generations used to be the only people wearing loafers of the past, today younger people are wearing them continuously. Even children love to wear their loafers everywhere they go