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You may know that you need to purchase cleats for your sport, but you may not know that not just any cleats will do. Cleats are shoes that have traction devices on the bottom. They offer traction, support, and allow you to be stable while playing sports. Although all cleats can provide these qualities, there are specific cleats for each sport. You should have a different pair of cleats for each sport, and they will vary in style from one another. Soccer, baseball, and football are the most popular sports requiring cleats. When you purchase your cleats, you will need to be sure you are getting cleats specialized for your sport.

Where To Go

When you decide you need to purchase cleats, there are a few places you can go. Most general merchandise stores will offer at least one brand of cleats at a low price. However, you probably will want to go to a sporting goods store to get good quality cleats. They will offer a larger selection and you will be sure to get the proper type of cleats you need for your sporting activity. You can also try shoe stores in your local mall for cleats. Often times, if your town doesn't have a sporting goods store, the shoe stores will carry cleats or being able to order them for you. Lastly, you can always order your cleats online. Just be sure to check out sizing charts, refund and return policies, and shipping costs before placing your order.

Cleats For Soccer

The thing that makes soccer cleats a little different from others is that they have a rubber outsole. Sometimes instead of rubber, it is made of polyurethane. There is no midsole, like there is with a baseball cleat. Soccer cleats are very durable and are made to keep the feet as low to the ground as they can. In soccer, your center of gravity needs to be as low as it can be in order for you to be swift with your feet. Several types have aluminum cleat caps. Different styles offer different upper materials, with some being made of leather and others being of other synthetic materials. There is no toe cleat in soccer cleats. They often have a great stitching across the toe however to provide better control with the ball.

Cleats For Baseball

With a medium impact sport like baseball, most of your body weight is at your feet. When you are playing on turf, this can be a huge deal. In baseball, there is very little repeated motion. Each play is different and might require different movements. There is a lot of side-to-side movement however. When choosing a baseball cleat, you should think about the field you play on. If it is really hard, you will probably want a steel cleat. If you are playing on turf, you will want a different cleat altogether. Baseball players often disagree on the cut of the cleat they prefer. Some will prefer their cleats to be a little higher so they will have more support around their ankle. Others like lower cut cleats. The cut is really up to each player and what they prefer.

Cleats For Football

The first things you will notice when looking at football cleats are that they all contain a center toe cleat. This is particularly placed there so players can get a quicker start and better traction. With football being a high impact sport, it is important to take care of your feet. You need to have great traction and support to avoid being hurt and to be strong and steady on your feet. You will also need to think about the ground you are playing on when choosing football cleats. You will need to choose an appropriate cleat for your field's ground type.

If you are still not sure about what types of cleats to purchase, consider visiting your local sporting good store and ask some questions. The salespeople there should be able to tell you exactly what you need. You can also call the coach and ask for any suggestions when it comes to purchasing cleats. They will be able to tell you what they have seen work best in the past. Above everything, be sure the cleats are comfortable to wear. If they aren't, the sport will not be fun and the player will likely loathe playing

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