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Good Dress Shoes For Over Pronator

When you head to the shoe store it is likely you will find many different types of shoes depending on which season in which you visit. One type of shoe that you will likely find all year round is the mule shoe. A mule shoe is one that typically has an open toe and at least one strap across the top, but rarely one in the back. They are shoes that many women wear all year long. In the summer or in warmer weather, women will wear their mules with bare legs. In the winter months, they will sport their mule shoes with many different types of sheer toed hosiery. While there has never been one defined reason women love mule shoes, there are at least four that could compete for that slot. Check out these benefits of wearing mule shoes to understand the attraction women have for them a little better.

Show Those Toes

When it comes to footwear, women love to show their toes. Well, most women that is. There are a select few women who are so paranoid about their feet that they prefer not to show them in public. However, most women love to show off their pretty manicured toes. Mule shoes allow women to show off their feet in a more elegant way than a traditional flip-flop allows. You can choose a mule with a peep toe, which only allows the tip of a few toes to be seen. You can also choose a mule with a completely open toe so you can show off all of your pretty piggies. This can be an extremely attractive idea in the summer time as well when wearing full heels can be a little less than cooling for your body temperature.

Slide On Easily

Another reason women love mule shoes are because of their ease. You can easily slip your feet in and out of mule shoes without a problem. There are no confusing straps to deal with or strange buckles to fasten. You don't have to twist yourself in unusual positions simply to fasten a tiny buckle on the side of your shoe. You just grab them, slide them on, and go! Mules are perfect for those women who love to secretly take their shoes off under their desk. You can take them off while sitting and then quickly put them back on if you need to get up for any reason.

Sexy Style

Mule shoes are not only easy to wear but they offer a little sexiness to your feet. Feet are not typically a part of the body many would refer to as being sexy. However, feet with mule shoes could easily be considered hot. When you wear mules, you are somewhat playing the role of a smitten kitten. You are wearing shoes that are easily taken off and that many starlets once wore in bedroom movie scenes. There is a lot of underlying innuendoes when it comes to this type of shoe, and it all began in Hollywood. If you are looking for a way to easily look sexy, try a pair of mule shoes for immediate results.

Dress Up Or Dress Down

The fourth great thing about mule shoes is that they can be worn almost anywhere. Of course, you would not want to wear them on an outdoor adventure, but they are perfect for just about anything else. You can wear them with a suit to the office. You can wear them with a party dress to a club or to a date. They look great at weddings as well. On the weekends you can pair your favorite mules with a pair of crisp jeans and a simple shirt or sweater for a classic and casual look. No matter what event you are going to, you will always be able to wear your mules.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons women like mule shoes. These are simply a few on the long list of admiration. You can easily find mules in many different styles, colors, and fabrics. They can be found at discount shoe stores or in expensive boutiques. There is a pair of mules out there that are perfect for you, so start hunting for them today