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When you are a nurse, you may be working in a hospital, doctor's office, care facility, or a clinic. No matter where you work there is one thing for sure; you are on your feet all day. Being a nurse not only takes a great deal of education and patience, it also takes endurance. There are days when you will be so busy taking care of patients that you won't get even five minutes to sit down and take a break. Therefore, it is extremely important to find the proper shoes to get you through the day in the least painful way.

There are several tips experts offer when trying to find great shoes. The first tip is to choose a shoe that will conform to your foot. You should never force your foot to fit into a shoe that doesn't even look like the shape of your foot. The toe should be roomy to allow the most comfortable position for your toes. Secondly, pay attention to the materials your shoes are made from. You should buy shoes that will give a little. If they are too stiff, you can expect to be in pain after wearing them. Lastly, the smaller the heel, the more comfortable you will be. If you are looking for nurse's shoes, check out these other qualities you may want to look for.

Safety First

Being a nurse can mean that you are often in situations in which you might be in danger. While all medical facilities strive to keep their personnel safe and happy, there all always hazards of the job. It is very important that a nurse's shoes can accommodate any potentially dangerous situations. For example, the best nursing shoes are those that offer non-slip soles. Non-slip soles are very important because nurses are constantly in situations in which they may slip. There may be water or other substances on the floor in an office or a hospital. Non-slip soles will ensure that nurses will not fall if they encounter a slippery situation.

Rubber soles are not only great for providing a steady footing, but they are also great at keeping things away from the foot. For example, if you do happen to step in something unpleasant or potentially harmful, a rubber sole will not allow the substance to penetrate your foot. You can often wash the sole off without worry and be on with your day. Rubber soles are also great for protecting a nurse's foot from used needles or other hazardous materials they may come in contact with. While these situations should be rare, there is still a need for prevention.

Comfort Next

The second most important aspect of a proper nursing shoe is comfort. Your shoes should certainly be comfortable to work in. Being on your feet for twelve hours is hard on your feet, ankles, and legs. You should certainly look for shoes will great support. If you have weak ankles, be sure your shoes offer great support in your ankle area. If you have sensitive soles on your feet, look for extra padding at the sole area of the shoe.

Some nurses love clog nursing shoes for work. You will see them everywhere in hospitals or doctors' offices. Rubber clogs offer protection as well as comfort. They come with a choice of rubber soles, wooden soles, or cushioned soles. Most nurses prefer the rubber soles to all others. This is particularly because if they need to disinfect their shoes, they can do so by washing them off and then quickly drying them. There is no need to allow them to dry for days, which can happen with leather or canvas shoes.

Also, clogs are so easy to deal with because you can put them on without having to touch them with your hands. This can be appealing as well when you work in a medical facility. The floor is often laden with germs and your shoes can pick these up. Even touching your shoes can put you at a greater risk for illness. Keep in mind that when it comes to clogs, some states have rules against them. Some facilities and states require that all personnel wear shoes that completely cover their foot. This is typically due to safety reasons

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