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Dye Running Shoes


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dye  running shoes

Prom is such a special time for teenagers. It is really one of their first opportunities to dress up in formal attire and go out on a date. They will get fancied up, go to dinner, and then dance the night away before returning home with a smile on their face. In the past, although Prom was important, teens didn't spend nearly as much on their attire as they are today. Today, there are no stops. Teens are requesting attire that costs hundreds of dollars and parents are giving in. Shoes are one part of the attire that teens should pay special attention to. Take a look at what both teenage boys and girls are wearing to Prom this year.

What The Belles Of The Ball Are Wearing

Prom dresses are being purchased in all shapes and sizes. Some girls prefer a short dress while others love the princess dresses. No matter what they choose, they all know their shoes are an important part of the ensemble. While those who wear shorter dresses should be more aware of their shoes, long dress wearers have thinking to do as well. The first thing all belles should consider is comfort. Prom is a place where you will want to dance for extended periods of time. You will not want to do this when your shoes are causing your feet to hurt or blisters to appear. You should choose shoes that are comfortable to walk in and dance in. While taking your shoes off at prom may seem like a good idea, you will find that they floor is never very clean. Therefore, when you take your shoes off you might step in soda or anything else you can think of.

When it comes to style, if you are wearing a short dress, consider wearing a strapped sandal shoe. It should be trendy and young. If you are wearing a long dress that flairs out with tulle, you can consider wearing a short heel or even ballet slippers. You should stick with feminine looks no matter what you are wearing. Try several shoes on with your dress to get the best look possible. Remember that you don't have to worry about matching your shoe to your dress color; just be sure that the colors work together.

What Their Gentlemen Princes Are Wearing

Most young men will wear tuxedos to the Prom. Some will go for that traditional bow tie and cummerbund look while others will opt for the classy tie. Since most teen boys could care less what type of shoes they wear, they will often go with the tuxedo shoes that come with the suit. You can rent the shoes right along with your tux if you like. Some tux shoes are made of patent leather and will offer a high shine. Others will be matte. You can get them in various colors, depending on the style you are going for. Black and white retro tux shoes may take your style back to the Rat Pack days while shiny black shoes may make you feel like a real prince.

One thing to consider is the style of your date's dress. You want to try to stay a little coordinated in style with her. Although you don't have to match completely, your outfits should work together. Many teen boys are choosing to go a little casual to the event with athletic shoes. You can get black tennis shoes for the Prom but many boys are choosing brighter colored kicks. They claim they are more comfortable, which cannot be denied. If your date has no problem with your urban Prom style, then go ahead. Keep in mind however that if your date is made about your lack of formality, she will not likely have a good time. So, run it by her before you commit to wearing tennis shoes to the dance.

Parents, be sure to remind your teenagers that they will be wearing their shoes all night and that comfort is more important than anything. Then, refuse to spend massive amounts on shoes alone. There is no reason the Prom should break the bank! Keep in mind however that the shoes they do choose can likely be worn again to other functions, which is always a great thing

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