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Dye Running Shoes

dye  running shoes

Many people have no idea what the fascination between women and designer shoes are. Of course, most of these people are men! The truth is however that some women themselves are unsure about purchasing designer shoes because they tend to come in and out of style so quickly. They are also typically expensive, so once you purchase them you will want to get the most use out of them as possible. If you catch the trend at the start you will likely have a lot of wearing to do, but if you wait until the trend is out the door (and the shoes are likely on sale), you might wish you never bought them in the first place. Having fancy feet can be a lot of fun, however. If you still don't understand the trend with designer shoes, take a look at these three top reasons women love their designer kicks.

Comfort Is Key

When you purchase a pair of generic brand heels, you will likely need to wear them around the house to "break them in". This whole process is typically done so that when you wear them out for the first time, you won't come home with blisters. Sure, buying generic shoes might seem like a great idea when you look at your credit card statement, but not such a great thing when you look at your hurting feet! With designer shoes, women can get the perfect shoe that you can wear right out of the store. There is no need to wear them around the house for a week to get the ready for the real world. Designer shoes are made to be more comfortable for your feet. You can wear them from morning to night without worrying about blisters or pain.

The reason designer shoes tend to be so much more comfortable has a lot to do with two things. First, the overall design of the shoe is one of the most important aspects to comfort. Designer shoemakers know what designs work best for women. They spend money on research and often create their shoes by hand. Generic shoes are often created by machinery and there is often never any research done regarding the design. Secondly, designer shoes are often made with lush materials. When a shoe is made with great materials, you will pay more for the shoe. However, you will also gain a great deal of comfort.

Hot Style Choices

If you are looking for a hottest trend in shoe wear, you must get designer shoes. Designers will come out with the trendiest styles long before the "knock off" manufacturers even have a clue. Therefore, when you shop designer, you will know that you are wearing the hottest and newest thing out there. To some women, this means a lot. Many women pride themselves on their own personal style. They seek out things that are original and different. They want to be those women who are constantly asked, "Where did you get those?" Shopping designer labels is the way to make sure you are always on top of the fashion game.

Celebrity Status

Even if you are not willing to admit it, you love to look and feel like a million bucks. Women are created to long to live like a princess or even a celebrity. When you shop for designer shoes, you often feel that way. You can pretend that you are a celebrity and many women often shop using magazines in which they saw their favorite stars wearing specific brands. Not to mention that once you do own a nice collection of designer shoes, your friends will likely think of you as a fashion queen. You may pay more for the shoes, but the recognition is often worth it in the end.

Now you can see exactly why women go crazy for designer shoes. Most importantly, they offer total comfort. No longer does a woman need to sacrifice comfort for her own style. Secondly, they keep women on top of the fashion game. They can always be the first to have the best and most fashionable footwear. Lastly, having designer shoes is a lot like wearing nice lingerie even under your sweat suit. You will feel better knowing you have something nice on no matter what. Although men and many women will never understand the obsession with designer shoes, the trend will likely continue as long as designers keep creating new shoes