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Dye Running Shoes


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dye  running shoes

When you think about a burley biker, one of the first things you may picture is their big old black boots. While bikers of the past never went for a ride without them, today things have changed a little. Today's bikers are no longer stereotyped in a traditional manner. Bikers are driving sporty bikes and wearing their tennis shoes when doing so. There are professional people who are driving cruisers while wearing their loafers. Although this may seem ridiculous to traditional bikers, it is being done frequently. The question is however, are biker boots necessary or just part of that traditional look? Take a look at these ideas to figure it out own your own to see if real bikers wear boots.


When you ask a traditional biker if he or she would ever ride without their boots, the answer is always that they would not. Although very few will offer an explanation or any insight into their reasoning, they will elaborate when prodded. Most bikers claim that their boots are not only worn for the look, but for protection. When it comes to biking, there are certain risks you take. The first risk is that every time you drive, you can burn your leg on the exhaust if you are not careful. More bikers get burned from their exhaust than anything else. The exhaust pipe is not something that only gets a little hot, but it is scorching. When you touch your leg to it, you will likely get a blistered area and a large scar. It can take weeks for it to heal properly. When bikers wear boots that cover their calves, they will be less likely to get burned. Many people who ride on the back of bikes wear boots for this reason as well.

In addition to the risk of getting burned, bikers often wear protective gear, like boots, and leather pants and coats in case they wreck. Although they know if the wreck is bad enough there is little they can do to stay safe, when the wreck is small or when they just skid off their bike a short distance, leather can help. Leather can save a person's skin from being hurt by the asphalt. Just like a helmet, leather boots, coats, and pants can really help the damage lessen if there is an accident.

The Look

While it is true that bikers will rationalize their boot wearing, the look does play a part. When you ask a biker about sport bikers and how they wear tennis shoes to bike, they often laugh. They don't see that sporty driver as a biker at all. The look does help define the stereotype and bikers are fine with that. They like to wear leather, jeans, and boots when riding. They think they look meaner and tougher when they do that. Although most bikers are not mean, they do enjoy that image. They like to look like they listen to rock and roll music or honky tonk country. It is all part of their image and it is something that appeals to them. If they would never wear loafers off a bike, why would they put them on to ride their bike? They are people who wear boots everyday, whether they are riding or not. They are not willing to be changed because of a stereotype and will even buckle down in the hottest clothing during the summer month rides.

As you can see, although boots are functional for riders, they are also important for the biker look. If you are a new rider, you might want to strongly consider wearing boots to avoid hurting yourself on your exhaust pipe. All it takes is one good burn and you will be begging for a pair of good boots. However, if you want to look like a biker, you might want to wear those boots every time, no matter if you have been burned or not. A real biker wears his or her boots when they are riding and when they aren't. So, go ahead and choose a great pair of leather boots today. Make sure they cover most of your calf area and they are comfortable to drive in

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