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Kids Shoe Size 12 Equals Womens

kids shoe size 12 equals womens

Without question, the skate shoe was one trend very few fashion forecasters saw coming. It was one that simply snuck up on the fashion world and took it by storm. The whole concept of the shoe was that it looks and feels like a tennis shoe but has wheels that lock in underneath to allow wearers to turn them into skates whenever they want. The wheels basically tuck underneath into the sole of the shoe. When the wheels are tucked under there is no indication that the wearer is wearing anything but normal tennis shoes.

All Ages

Skate shoes initially were not marketed for anyone except for children. Manufacturers thought children were their best market targets so they did not even approach the issue with adults in mind. Children went wild for these interesting shoes. They wanted them for Christmas or their birthday and wore them everywhere. They would go from skating in the driveway to walking into the house without any removal of their shoes. As the shoes began to sell better than expected, manufacturers toyed with the idea of creating them for adults. Only a few manufacturers created these fun shoes for adults and they sold well, especially on the coasts. People in California and in Florida particularly loved these shoes because these are very active states in general. Adults could use these shoes to exercise in the parks or on the boardwalks of the beaches.


The style of the skate shoe is much like any other tennis shoe. They are very sporty looking. They tend to lace up the same as any other athletic shoe would. Some of them are plain in style, coming in white or black. Others are a bit wilder with style with bright colors and patterns all around. They are not something you can wear with anything, but they are perfect for an exercise session outdoors. The overall style of the skate shoe is perfect in design however. You can feel safer entering your home after skating because you will be able to tuck the wheels under. Many people enter their homes with their skates on and take tumbles. With these shoes, it will not be a problem. The thick rubber soles will keep you safe when not skating.

Potential Drawbacks

To be fair to all issues regarding this interesting shoe type, the potential drawbacks should be discussed. While there are many benefits to the skate shoe, there are few disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the shoes tend to be a little heavier than normal. You probably will notice this more at first, but can get used to the extra weight over time. You would not want to play basketball in these shoes or any other sport where you need to jump, due to the extra weight of the shoes. Secondly, skate shoes are not typically shoes that you will want to use for all outdoor activities. You can use them when you know you are going to be skating, but otherwise they are likely too bulky to play volleyball in or to go for a jog in. So, be sure that you have a backup pair of tennis shoes on hand for non-skating activities. Lastly, as the shoes age, they often do not tuck the wheels under as well as they once did. The wheels and the area in which they are tucked tend to get a little worn and the fit is not as secure. When this starts happening, the shoes should probably be used as skates alone, or be tossed out and replaced.

If you are an active person who loves to skate, the skate shoe is something you must get. It is such an innovative product that children and adults everywhere are flocking to it by the thousands. The skate shoe is something that can encourage you to exercise and get outdoors. It is easy to use and can be converted between a regular tennis shoe and a skate without any special strength or skill needed. Even children can easily convert the skate shoe to their preferred method of transport. You can find these shoes at most shoe stores and even at some toy stores and general merchandise stores. If you are searching for the perfect birthday present for a child, the skate shoe just might be your saving grace