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Kids Shoe Size 12 Equals Womens

kids shoe size 12 equals womens

A boot is defined as a type of footwear "which covers at least the foot and usually the ankle, and sometimes extends up to the knee or even the hip." The majority of boots have a heel whether it is low or high and modern boots come in every color, material, height and style that a person could dream up. Boots started out being made to wear in rough working conditions, such as in the wilderness or in hazardous or industrial environments but have evolved and now encompass so much more. To give an example, many types of work boots (such as the well known Doc Martens) became the boot of choice in the 1960s for the extremist group, the skinheads, as well as those participating in the pink culture in the 1970s but have since made their way into the mainstream of fashion and are worn by both men and women. Doc Martens first burst onto the market in the United Kingdom on April 1, 1960.

There are many kinds of boots on the market today to choose from and women have so many options when it comes to both casual and dress boots. Among the variety of casual boots for women there are Doc Martens, western (cowboy) boots, hiking boots, and motorcycle boots. As far as dress boots for women are concerned, there are the ever-popular Go-Go boots and knee-high boots.

Doc Martens shoes (also known as "Dr. Martens", "Docs", or "DM's") were first developed by a doctor in the German army during World War II named Dr. Klaus Maertens. Black leather Doc Martens are easily identified by their characteristic yellow stitching around the sole. Doc Martens first appeared on the market in April 1960 and were the boot of choice for the working class. People employed as policemen, postmen and factory workers enjoyed the comfort and look of these boots that contained an air-cushioned sole. Skinheads and street gangs caught on to the appeal of Doc Martens in the late 1960s and in the early 1970s punks in Britain (starting with Sid Vicious) began sporting them. Today however, these types of shoes are acceptable casual boot for both men and women.

Cowboy (or western) boots are a casual fun boot that was originally designed for cowboys, ranchers and cattlemen in the early 1860s. Cowboy boots feature a high heel, a high shaft, are pull on, not lace up and have a rounded to pointed toe. The majority of cowboy boots are made from leather but some are made from more exotic animals such as the stingray, elk, buffalo, alligator, ostrich, elephant and snake. Today cowboy boots can be as colorful and decorative as one desires.

Many women favor the style, versatility and comfort of a pair of hiking boots. Hiking boots, as the name implies, were originally created for those who engaged in hiking. They are geared for walking many miles at a time and treading over difficult terrain, such as rocks, mud, water and any types of wilderness.

Motorcycle boots (also called bikers) are tall boots made of heavy leather that have a shorter heel in most cases. There are two types of motorcycle boots and they are the engineer boots and the motocross (or racing) boot. A women's version of the motocross boot is favored by lots of women for casual enjoyment.

Go-Go boots are dressy boots that first came on the scene in the 1960s and were very popular from the beginning. Many versions of these boots are still worn today and many believe that Go-Go boots are a form of female empowerment. Andre Courreges who designed a white, low-heeled boot that rose slightly above the ankle created the term. The original intent of these boots was for dancing. The term "Go-Go boots" is often used loosely in our modern day society to encompass a variety of dress boots worn by women, only today they are usually knee high boots worn with a dress or miniskirt. It was singer Nancy Sinatra who is believed to have popularized the term "Go-Go boots" through both her lifestyle and her music with the song, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'."

Knee-high boots are dress boots for women that have become a staple for the fashion conscious and in some cases have a sexual connation attached to them. Knee-high boots first appeared in one form or another as far back as the 1950s. These dress boots are generally made of leather and are most frequently to be found in the color black. Most knee-high boots have a zipper closure, are tight as opposed to loose boots and have a heel that is at least three inches and higher