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Kids Shoe Size 12 Equals Womens


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kids shoe size 12 equals womens

Women love shoes. At least that is the trend. Most women seem to really enjoy shoes and there is no real explanation as to why. Strangely enough, the shoes that women love so much, it seems, are actually tremendously unhealthy for them. So what is the answer to this love women have for shoes? There is no answer except to say that women must be careful that the love for shoes does not outweigh the love of being healthy.

For quite some time now, podiatrists and surgeons alike have been saying that high-heeled shoes with narrow toes can lead to health problems. These shoes can end up causing permanent deformities of the foot. In addition, some studies now suggest that the same shoes may also cause knee arthritis and other disorders of the joints. This just means that women's love for shoes are increasingly causing them problems.

Some foot experts are now trying to allow women to continue their love affair with shoes while still taking care of their feet. One group of orthopedic food and ankle experts formed a society that will, not unlike those for dental and medical supplies, make suggestions and approvals for certain products. They will look at shoes so that they can recommend which ones are okay for their feet, ankles, and knees.

There are many reasons why women need to be cautious about the type of shoes they wear. In the United States, orthopedic surgeons get visits from woman more than four times as much as men. A vast majority of those visits come from the problems associated from wearing high-heeled shoes. High heels are the ultimate example of what happens when women love shoes more than the health of their own bodies. In addition, almost 90% of all corrective foot operations are performed on women to correct disorders associated with the repeated wear of high heels and narrow toed shoes.

The deformities that the surgeons are seeing from the high heel, shoe-loving women are not unlike those that were seen in Chinese women who had their feet bound. When the women who had traditional foot binding done on their feet were x-rayed, they were found to have no real bone deformities, but instead had joint problems. The exact same thing has been seen in American women who wear narrow or high-heeled shoes. The trend is not just due to differences in men and women. In civilizations where going bare foot or the wearing of sandals is more common, foot problems in men and women are less frequent and more equal between them. It is the love affair with shoes that is causing the problems.

Specifically, these problems usually tend to get their start in the front of the foot. Often the problem is bunions, or toe deformities that show up first and most often. These problems usually begin to appear in middle-aged or even older women due to the years of wearing improper shoes. Over a long period of time, the pointed shoes will force the toes into a compact area. As the women stand in them, the compression increasingly causes the toes to push their way inside the shoe. If, for example, a woman wears a 3-1/4 inch heel is worn, pressure on the front of the foot is over 5 times more than when a normal flat shoe is worn.

So what is the solution? The idea is that women don't have to stop loving shoes, but they do need to love shoes that are better for their feet. The idea is to be smart. Women know what types of shoes are comfortable, but must make sure they are putting that above fashion. If a woman is going to be on her feet all day, then she should be wearing something light and comfortable. A high heel with tight fitting toe is going to be the worse thing possible to wear.

Many women have a love affair with fashionable shoes. That love affair, it seems, is causing a number of problems with women in the United States. The evidence is overwhelming. From x-ray comparisons to Chinese women with bound feet to the statistical numbers comparing countries who go bare footed and sandals, it is clear that high heels and narrow shoes are causing problems. The answer is comfortable shoes and a new shift in the look that is popular

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