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Brazilian Shoe Sizes International Conversions
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Apache High Top Moccasins
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Kids Shoe Size 12 Equals Womens


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kids shoe size 12 equals womens

When it comes to buying shoes, most people do it often. The average shopper will purchase at least five pairs of shoes a year. Many women will purchase that many pairs in a week however. Shoes are the perfect accessories to help you get a great and stylish look. Most people have a shoe personality and don't stray far from it when shoe shopping. Some people would prefer to wear tennis shoes or athletic shoes with everything. Some would rather wear dressier shoes everyday, even with their favorite jeans. Once you stuck in a shoe style it can be difficult to get out of it. The goal for every shopper should be to have a wide variety of different shoes that vary in style and purpose. If you are a mother, you would not be able to function everyday wearing nothing but stiletto heels, so be sure you have a shoe for any occasion that may pop up in your life. For the hottest trends in shoes, check out these four trend areas.

Bright Colors

One of the hottest trends in shoes right now is bright color. Forget those plain white sneakers you have been wearing for years and take a look at the hot pink or green shoes on the shelf. Bright colored shoes are coming in all shapes and styles. You can find them in athletic shoes as well as in pumps. From flip-flops to mules, bright colors are everywhere. The trend began to come on strong when celebrities began wearing them to events. They would pair a plain colored dress with a pair of shoes of a totally different bright color. The key when wearing bright colored shoes is to allow them to coordinate with your clothing, but not match the clothing exactly. For instance, if you were wearing a red dress, you would not want to wear bright red shoes to match. Instead, you could try yellow, gold, blue, or purple. Differing shades of these colors will look different with your clothing, depending on the hue. So, be sure to try the shoes and the clothing on together before wearing them out. It may seem a little mismatched to you at first, but that is what this trend is all about.

Sexy Shoes

Sexy shoes are back in a big way. There is nothing as sexy as a woman in a great pair of heels. Today's shoes are looking a lot like the heels of the 1980's, only a little more sophisticated. While multiple straps on your shoes are still cool to wear, the sexiest shoe is the plain heel. The height of the heel contributes to the level of sexiness, so keep that in mind. Of course, be sure that you can walk in the heels. If you can't, then it doesn't matter how sexy the shoes are, you will still look like a goof. Experts say you can pair sexy shoes will everything from couture to jeans for an updated look.

Retro Style

When you look at shoes today you may see a little retro coming out in them. Retro styled shoes are hot right now. You can find shoes that look like old bowling shoes in various different colors. You can also find chunky "Mary Jane's" for a more feminine look. No matter what you desire from the retro era, you will be able to find them. Retro shoes do tend to be a little more expensive than others however. So be ready to pay a little more for that throwback style.


You are probably aware that flip-flops are not going anywhere anytime soon. This trend was brought back several years ago and is still in full force. The thing we all love about flip-flops is that they are inexpensive, comfortable, and will work with any outfit. You can wear them with sundresses, shorts, or jeans look cool, yet collected. They offer a laid-back beach style to your outfit, which is always appreciated. The only rule when it comes to flip-flops is that you should only wear them when the weather is warm. Don't try to pull them off in the winter or you will end up looking ridiculous

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