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Factors That Affect Adolescent Self Esteem
March 28th, 2017

The Connection Between Body Image And Self Esteem

Self esteem is a relevant factor in an adolescent's social life and self worth. Adolescent self esteem can also be the basis for the self esteem of the individual in adulthood. There are many factors that affect adolescent self esteem. Children begin to develop self esteem while very young. Parents, teachers and the television contribute to an adolescent's self esteem without them even knowing it.

Physical Image

The concept of beauty is one of the major factors that affect an adolescent's self esteem. Children, from early childhood and onwards, can feel the preferences of some people in dealing with better looking children. Even kids at the same age prefer to associate with better looking kids rather than those with deformities or physical problems. Teasing and bullying from other kids may also be detrimental to an adolescent's self esteem.

Family Support

The encouragement and support of your family can actively shape adolescent self esteem. Adolescents may act like they are embarrassed by displays of affection from their family and relatives but these displays actually play a vital role in keeping them well grounded and confident in themselves. Hugs and open communication from parents and some members of the family can help provide a sounding board for rants and expressions of grief, sorrow and anger. Giving children the necessary love and caring that they need and seek will prevent them from looking for this somewhere else.

Taking Part In Activities

Taking an active role in school activities outside of lessons will also help to build adolescent self esteem in a positive way. This encourages them to interact and mingle with other adolescents. This also gives kids a chance to excel in something, which can be very good for adolescent self esteem. Find something that interests you and try it out to see if you can excel in it. Do not be easily discouraged by initial failures.

Get An Idea Of Who You Are

This may be a tough job for adolescents because they are just figuring how to deal with adolescence but you can get an idea of your goal in life and start from there. At this age, you will have definite likes and dislikes as well as some clear idea of what you want to be or which field interests you. Adolescent self esteem can benefit greatly from having a clear goal in life.

Realizing that you have a problem with your self esteem is a step closer to doing something about it. Adolescent self esteem can be built and reinforced by taking it into your own hands.