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Karate Socks For Kids


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For those familiar with the martial arts, shoes are not a vital piece of your martial arts gear. There are many different styles and types of martial arts that come from a variety of countries and it is not always necessary to wear them. This is especially true for someone who is learning the Korean martial art known as Tae Kwon Do.

Why Not Wear Tae Kwon Do Shoes?

When you are practicing in class you should wear loose fitting clothing if you haven’t been issued a uniform. This allows you to move freely. You should not wear any jewelry as it can catch on your partner and can break or cause injury. It is not recommended that you wear Tae Kwon Do shoes. You should only wear Tae Kwon Do shoes if you have a need of orthotics or you strongly prefer to wear shoes.

There are valid reasons that one should not wear Tae Kwon Do shoes to class. Many martial arts may recommend that you wear specific shoes targeted to the practice of martial arts. This can be especially true for some forms of kickboxing. But for this particular type of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do shoes are not recommended.

The reason for this is that not wearing Tae Kwon Do shoes allows you to flex your feet easier. When you don’t have on Tae Kwon Do shoes you can see your feet and be able to learn to control your toes and be able to practice the fine motor control needed of the toes to be successful at this form of martial arts.

When you are not wearing Tae Kwon Do shoes in class, it makes it easier for your instructor to demonstrate the control of your toes. If you decide you are going to wear Tae Kwon Do shoes, you can wear socks, but if you are not wearing shoes it is not recommended you wear socks to class. This can make it dangerous and difficult to learn the proper techniques.

Tae Kwon Do is a form of Korean martial arts. It is thought that there is a certain value placed on those who don’t wear Tae Kwon Do shoes during practice and training in Korean culture. Of course if you prefer to wear shoes, you can find many adequate Tae Kwon Do shoes at an athletic shoe store, or you can choose to do your shopping online. You will probably find a better deal and more information if you opt to do your shopping on the internet for Tae Kwon Do shoes.

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