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There is much misunderstanding about self defense in the realm of martial arts and also in the public consciousness and the reason for this is the fact that most people have drawn their conclusions and understandings of what self defense is based upon their exposure to martial arts in the cinema in a number of “B Grade” movies.

Needless to say, what occurs in the cinema can be remarkably different from what occurs in real life. Drawing conclusions as to what is the appropriate response to a physical confrontation based on something that occurs in the movies, however, can prove dangerous.

Self Defense and the Reality of Crime

If anything, self defense does not truly revolve around smashing an opponent or dominating an adversary. This is hierarchical posturing that is the hallmark of a young athletic individual. Additionally, the bizarre classical mentality of fighting being about “no rules” and any thing goes including all manner of foul tactics is equally wrongheaded and is usually the product of a delusional mind. Self defense, in other words, is not about fighting because no one will challenge you to a fight in a self defense situation.

In reality, self defense is a response to a criminal attack and the primary purpose in such a situation should always be to survive and escape without harm. Yes, when one is pushed into a confrontation there may need to be a physical response required to deal with the threat, but this should always be a last resort. If a mugger wants your money, it is smart to give it too him. It is not wise to attempt to fight someone and risk your life over a few dollars.

Understanding Reality

In reality, self defense usually centers on awareness and common sense. That is, one must realize that traveling alone at night in a bad neighborhood is not a smart move. Also, one should be sure to always keep windows and doors locked when one goes to bed. Flashing money around in public is not a wise idea and so on. In short, often one can defend oneself from a confrontation by eliminating the root causes of situations that may lead to a criminal confrontation.

While some may feel that this is an oversimplification of a complex issue, to a degree such a belief is correct. However, defending oneself is not entirely as complex as some may believe. In fact, simple little steps are often all that is need to eliminate any negative situations from becoming life threatening.

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