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Karate Socks For Kids


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Karate is one of the most popular and widely taught forms of martial arts in the world, and the most important aspect of all in karate is learning how to perform the proper karate moves. There are literally hundreds of different karate moves that are included in the sport, but a few which are of particular importance.

Upper Block

The upper block is usually one of the very first karate moves that you will be taught, and it is one of the simplest to learn. For it you need to begin by having your left arm up and bent over your head in the Jodan Uke position, hold your arm at a 45 degree angle to your head, with your palm facing away from your face.

Remember to keep your shoulders in a normal and relaxed position, making sure that the right arm is in the ready position and tucked under your shoulder with your forearm parallel to the floor with your palm facing up.

From here you need to bring your right arm out in an upward crossing movement at the same time bringing the other arm down and across the face returning it to the ready position. The point is that the right arm ends up making a complete twisting motion, thus rolling the attack over your head.

Elbow Strike

This is another of the most essential karate moves to learn, one that actually has the most power, namely because elbows are practically all bone and so they can definitely cause some damage when they need to.

To complete the elbow strike you need to extend the arm you are going to use to strike fully to the front, making sure to keep a slight bend in your elbow. Keep your hand in a fist, with your palm facing towards the floor, and then pull your elbow as quickly as you can behind you in a straight line to the target, rotating your arm slowly as you do so that by the time it reaches your target your palm has turned to facing up.

It is important to use the power of both your hips and your legs in this move, so that you have the most possible strength, and once you have completed the move you should retract your elbow immediately to prepare for another strike.

Palm Heel Strike

This is not one of the more basic karate moves but one just as important, and it is a technique that is usually used on an opponent’s head.

There are many other moves that are learned in karate as well, and as you progress in the sport you will continue to learn more complex and difficult moves. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 4:01:01 PM