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African Martial Arts
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Martial Art Moves For Kids

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Tae Kwon Do forms can mean a number of different ways of attacking as well as defending oneself, and these attack and defense movements can be practiced against opponents that are imaginary and which follow a certain pattern. Once a student learns the various Tae Kwon Do forms, it becomes easy to become better coordinated, keep a right balance, have the correct timing and know how to control the breath as well as keep a good rhythm.

Palgwe And Sub-Forms

One of the many different Tae Kwon Do forms that you will learn of is Palgwe in which there are a number of sub-forms that you will need to learn including Palgwe II Jang or Heaven, Palgwe Ee Jang or Lake, Palgwe Sam Jang or Fire, Palgwe Sa Jang or Thunder, Palgwe Oh Jang or Wind, Palgwe Yook Jang or Water, and Palgwe Chil Jang or Mountain as well as Palgwe Pal Jang or Earth.

Palgwe II Jang or Heaven is the first Palgwe in which is represented Yang or heaven and light which requires that this Tae Kwon Do forms is performed with Heaven’s greatness in mind. Palgwe Ee Jang or Lake is all about the deepest lake in which are contained many mysteries as well as treasures, and the movement of this Palgwe must be performed keeping in mind that man has a number of limitations, though these can be overcome and which when overcome, should cause you to feel joyous, secure in the knowledge that the future can be controlled.

The other Tae Kwon Do forms or fire means much energy and it is fire that keeps man alive though it can also cause catastrophes, and this Tae Kwon Do forms needs to have a rhythmic performance and some amount of venting of energy. On the other hand, the Palgwe of thunder which emanates from the sky and which the earth absorbs should be performed mainly in your mind. The Palgwe of wind which has a gentle force that can also turn to fury and destroy everything that comes in its path must be performed gently like the wind, while keeping in mind the destructiveness it can also cause.

The Palgwe of Water is different as water can move mountains and so this Tae Kwon Do form need to be performed like still water in some cases, and in others in the movement of a river. The Palgwe of mountain which signifies majesty regardless of size requires this form to be performed keeping in mind those movements should be majestic and deserving of praise.

Finally, the Palgwe of Earth which signifies beginning and also a bit of evil should be performed keeping in mind that it is sometimes the last Palgwe to be performed while other times it could the first, or second and so on.

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