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There are so many different martial art forms practiced around the world that it can often get confusing trying to remember each and every one, but above all else one that you should definitely be aware of and knowledgeable on is Japanese karate.

What is it?

Japanese karate is continually growing and evolving, and there are actually a few different forms or styles of Japanese karate that are practiced today. Judo is the most major, and it is developed from an older version which was known as Ju-Jitsu. Judo is considered as being a fun sport, as well as an art, a discipline, and an incredibly effective self defense style.

It is best known for the incredible throwing techniques that are used, and as well involves considerable grappling and wrestling moves that take place down on the mat. This include control holds, arm locks, and choking techniques, and one of the most important things to recognize about Judo is that it is a martial arts style that emphasizes safety and full physical activity for top conditioning.

One of the best things of all about Judo is that all age groups, genders and even disabled people are able to participate, and it is incredibly effective for developing self discipline and respect for oneself and others, and it provides the means for learning self confidence and self esteem.

Aikido is another of the most commonly practiced styles of Japanese karate, and it is a relatively modern and non-competitive martial art form that relies primarily on the use of techniques combined with energy in order to control and redirect an opponent’s force. It is one of the most comprehensive and effective martial art forms, one which provides an excellent basis for both physical and spiritual development.

Karate is yet another of the most well recognized Japanese karate styles, and one of the most widely practiced as well. It is a martial art of Japanese origin, one which deals with attacks through evasive body movements and blocking. As a self defense system karate teaches a set of principles that can be applied in almost any situation, and the sporting element of karate is what allows people of a sporting inclination to be able to test their own karate skills against others.

There are literally hundreds of different martial art forms that are practiced around the world, and although each is certainly different in its own way, either in regards to the history behind it or the techniques and movements used within it, all martial art forms actually share the same basic ideal, which is to promote self defense and protection techniques.

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