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The history of martial arts is one that should be taken incredibly seriously into consideration, especially when you realize just how spiritual and sacred all forms of martial arts really are. The history of martial arts is one that is full of various different martial art styles and techniques, one in particular being Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan

Better known in its short form, Tai Chi or Chinese boxing, this martial art form is one of the most ancient and distinctive Chinese forms of exercise or attack and defense. It is specifically designed to provide relaxation in the process of body conditioning exercise, and this is also where it differs so greatly from so many of the other martial art forms.

Whereas most martial art forms consider attack being their primary goal, with Tai Chi the idea is to promote relaxation and spirituality, and it is a form that is practiced more for enjoyment than anything else.

Any given history of martial arts needs to include Tai Chi, because it was one of the very first martial arts forms to be accepted and practiced worldwide. It closely resembles kung fu, and as a mode of attack and defense it may be used with or without weapons. Freehand exercise is also commonly used here, and this style employs flowing, rhythmic and deliberate movements.

Kung Fu is also critical to discuss in the history of martial arts, and it is a martial art which is both a form of exercise and a spiritual transcending. The various different movements that are employed in this martial arts form are mostly imitations of the fighting styles of animals, and have such names as dragon, horse riding, frog and snake.

Karate is another of the major martial art forms that needs to be included in the history of martial arts, and karate can be considered as a form of self defense, a form of physical fitness, or even a way of life. It is one of the most commonly practiced self defense tactics in the world, and there are basically three main components that are included in typical karate training, which are: kihon, kata, and kumite.

Regardless of which particular martial art form you are interested in practicing, the most important thing is that you understand the history behind martial arts in general, so that you can truly understand the dynamics involved here and the importance of these self defense styles in general.

There are so many more components and elements that need to be incorporated here, and it is very important to take each into as serious consideration as the next, in order to get the best grasp on the subject of martial arts overall.

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