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March 27th, 2017

The Ultimate Scrapbooking Guide

The purpose of the is to trim paper, pictures, etc so that they will have completely straight edges. Perfectly straight edges are not possible using scissors.

Pros: Most paper cutters have to have special (and expensive) replacement blades. The replacement blades are just plain garden-variety single-edge razor blades that can be purchased at the local 'Dollar Store'. Blades last a long time and when they do need to be replaced, it is a task that is very simple and quick to perform.

I really love how safe the is, as well. The kids can use it with only a little supervision.

Cons: There are no cons for the . It is an excellent tool. I did, however, find ordering a bit difficult on the Mister Art website and shipping rates are high.

Guarantee: There is a guarantee that products ordered will be of the finest quality and free of defects. Items that are damaged will be replaced or the price refunded. All returns must be approved before the return shipment is made and there is an automatic 15% restocking fee except for damaged merchandise. Items that are shipped directly from the factory have and automatic 20% restocking fee. The entire return/guarantee policy can be read at http://www.misterart.com/help/index_returns.cfm#1

Value for money: The is an excellent value. I've never seen a comparable product. It is lightweight and can be stored in a desk drawer or hung on the wall.

Where to buy: