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Signs Of A Bad Marriage
May 27th, 2017

Can This Marriage Be Saved By One Spouse?

Divorce rates nowadays are perhaps higher than ever before. In many cases, the worsening of the relationship and thus a consequent divorce could perhaps be stopped by being aware of and trying to do something to solve the problems of your marriage. There are definitely numerous signs of a bad marriage, and they can quite easily be recognized. Naturally, it is almost always worthwhile to try to do something at least. But as a first step, you have to be totally aware of the signs of a bad marriage.

Lack Of Intimacy

When you have been living in the same relationship for years, it may be hard to notice the gradual disappearance of a former intimacy between husband and wife. Ideally, a higher degree of intimacy should be present after many years of sharing your life, facing problems and raising your children for example. However, it is often the case that the problems lead to a disappearance of the former intimacy between yourself and your spouse. Try to remember how you liked being near your spouse when you were just dating. How, in an ideal case, you could share your thoughts and always come to mutual decisions. After twenty years of marriage, however, it often happens, quite sadly, that couples cannot look each other in the eye, have a lack of mutual understanding and basically are just completely fed up with each other, definitely not feeling the former intimacy that connected them. A lack of understanding and intimacy on the mental level could very well lead to a lack of physical contact and interaction. Not just the lack of sex, obviously, but the lack of random touches, of just casually embracing or patting your partner. Perhaps, the unsatisfactory nature of your sex life could have led to a lack of understanding, or it could be the case that your being fed up with each other’s thoughts led to the disappearance of sex. Both phenomena however are quite distressing signs of a bad marriage.

Lack Of Communication

Lack of decent communication is another sign of a bad marriage. It is a natural consequence of the lack of intimacy. When you are feeling that you are just unable to resolve any matters with your partner, it might well point to a bad marriage, it could be questions about raising the kids, financial matters, about matters relating to your relationship. When first noticing this sign of a bad marriage, you should try to think things over by yourself, and then sit down with your spouse and try to talk with him or her as well about these matters. If the lack of communication is not that developed, you might be able to rebuild your old communication.

Bad marriages are actually quite numerous, however a bad marriage is not yet a divorce. After recognizing and facing the problems you have noticed, the lack of communication, of physical and mental intimacy, the fact that you are fighting over any matter, you could still work on the relationship and find ways to improve it, and have a good marriage again.