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What To Look For In Campgrounds & Rv Parks
March 28th, 2017

Carriage RV: A History

Camping in your RV offers you a lot of options but if you plan on doing one of those cross country trips in your RV then you are probably going to want to do some research on the different campgrounds & RV parks.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead on which of the campgrounds & RV parks you intend to stay at because even though RVs are very popular these days there are still campgrounds that cannot, or will not, accommodate RVs and you donít want to be stuck doing primitive camping when you are probably not equipped for it or just prefer not to do it. So make sure you know where the campgrounds & RV parks are on your route and also make sure you know if they accept RVs in the campgrounds.

Primitive Camping

Primitive camping is when an RV user decides to camp in their RV without hook up to any of the basics of living like water and power. They prefer to use anything that is self contained on the RV including battery power and bottled, or recycled, water. If you cannot see the problems with that right off the bat then just let me tell you that primitive camping is a lot of work and can be very frustrating at times so maybe you should just hook up at one of the many campgrounds & RV parks in the country and use your RV to its fullest potential.

You can use the internet to locate the campgrounds & RV parks that are on your way during your journey and any good website is going to have a side by side comparison of all of the campgrounds & RV parks along with the services they offer and the standard prices they charge. You can use this information to plan your trip from stop to stop. If computers arenít your thing then contact your local AAA office and they will help you plan out your trip as well. If you are using your RV a lot it may not be a bad idea to have an AAA membership anyways.

Thank You - Pull Through

The best way to camp in your RV is in one of the campgrounds & RV parks that offers pull through camping for RVs. Pull through camping is when you can just pull your RV through in the camping space you are provided, have your water and power hook ups on the correct side, and then just pull straight through to leave when you are done. Backing up an RV can be a problem and while many campgrounds say they can accept RVs not all of them offer pull through camping. Make sure you stop in one of the campgrounds & RV parks that offers pull through camping to save yourself a lot of trouble.

RVing is great as long as you donít let yourself run out of things like fuel and water. It can also become uncomfortable if you forget to empty the septic tank. With that in mind always plan your RV trip around the availability of suitable campgrounds & RV parks and you should be just fine.