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Wat Medicine Do U Take If U Have A Acid Reflect

Typically, when a person suffers from acid reflux there are a few symptoms that cannot be ignored, no matter how hard they try. A burning sensation in the chest that may resemble pain associated with a heart attack is common, as is pain in the throat and ears. However, there are occasions with a person will be suffering from acid reflux without heartburn and may not fully understand the symptoms.

Heartburn is the feeling that stems from stomach acid refluxing back up into the esophagus, irritating the tender lining. It can be anywhere from a mild, annoying irritation to a severe burning sensation that may feel as though the entire chest cavity is on fire. A few people however, may experience acid reflux without heartburn due to a less sensitive lining in the esophagus. However, while the esophagus may be able to tolerate a certain amount of stomach acid, the larynx and throat cannot and even without chest pain, will feel it in their throat.

Many of the remedies used for acid reflux will also help with the throat irritation for a person with acid reflux without heartburn, provided they can recognize the symptoms for what they are. A dry cough, postnasal drip and laryngitis. There may also be the feeling of having a lump in the throat or hoarseness.

Preventing Heartburn Is Best Method For Relief

Even without the accompanying chest pain typically associated with excess stomach acid, acid reflux without heartburn can still cause damage to the esophagus and the open the sufferer to potential problems. Simply not feeling the pain in the chest does not mean the acid is not causing damage to the lining of the esophagus and a chronic cough or continued need to clear the throat may be signs that the throat tissues is being damaged.

If the person finds that certain foods tend to make these symptoms worse, or more frequent, they would be better served to avoid them, or at least talk to the doctor about products that can help reduce the amount of stomach acid that can cause acid reflux without heartburn. Often times, a change in diet is all it takes to eliminate acid indigestion.

If eliminating possible causes of acid reflux without heartburn does not seem to cure a cough or irritated throat, check with the doctor on other possible causes is recommended. Chronic throat irritation can also be a symptom of other medical conditions and will need to be checked out professionally.