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Mango Baby Upset Stomach

There are many different cures that you might have heard of for acid reflux. Many people claim that they know how to fix acid reflux by eating mangoes. If you have been dealing with acid reflux for awhile you are probably ready to try just about anything. If you are wondering does mango help acid reflux, you might want to think about what acid reflux is. But please don't use this article as a replacement for a doctor visit! You need to see your doctor if you think you have acid reflux.

What Is Acid Reflux

The first thing that you have to think about when you are wondering if a mango will help acid reflux is to take into account what acid reflux is. It is important to know that most home remedies or folk remedies do have their roots in truth. First of all, it is important to know that your acid reflux is something that happens when the acids in your stomach creep up your throat and cause many kinds of discomforts. Therefore, many people try to eat or drink other things that can neutralize these acids. This is where the idea of allowing mango to help acid reflux comes from.

The juices in the mango actually work to neutralize the other types of acids that might be found in the other foods that you are eating. When the acids in the mangos attack these other acids, it might be possible for the acids to control the acids that might otherwise hurt you.

The other way that mango helps with acid reflux is to coat the lining of your stomach and throat. The mango itself is something that is very thick and very sweet. These juices and the thickness of mangoes work together to help soother the painful symptoms of acid reflux.

Therefore, it is easy to try to see if mango helps your acid reflux or not. This is a cure that might or might not work for you, depending on how your body works and what type of acid reflux you have. However it is a cure that you can try without any other problems. If you are able to try it and it doesn’t work, you aren't going to be hurting yourself at all. It is something that is easy for you to try and if it works, it will be an easy way to help your acid reflux.