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Is Mango Good For Gerd


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Acid reflux medication is something that every person suffering from acid reflux will need to rely on in order to get quick relief, and all they need to do in order to buy the acid reflux medication is to walk into a local drugstore where there will be a number of drugs that they can use to treat as well as even prevent acid reflux. However, different acid reflux medications will work in different ways and will affect you in different ways, and if you happen to be suffering from especially serious acid reflux, even a strong acid reflux medication may not be able to provide complete relief to you.

Use Antacids

The simplest way of treating acid reflux requires only that you use an antacid, of which the stronger varieties are Mylanta II and Maalox II as well as Riopan. In addition, you can take antacids in liquid form and in fact, most people actually prefer the liquid versions over the tablet form. However, regardless of which form of antacid you take, they should be taken at least half an hour to an hour after having eaten your meals and also that much time before going to sleep at night.

Also, when you are taking an acid reflux medication, doctors will advise you against eating certain types of food which may contain chemicals that are known to make a person develop acid reflux. Thus, it will mean that you will have to forego chocolates and even peppermints as too tomatoes and also tomato products.

To be sure, when it comes to choosing an acid reflux medication, you will be faced with a lot of choice and some of these medications are known as histamine receptor blockers, while others go by the name of Proton-Pump Inhibitors or PPIs, which are each just as effective as the other, and some of the more common acid reflux medications are Prokinetic and also Motility which can help in keeping the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) closed and thus will not allow reflux to get into the esophagus.

In case you need acid reflux medication to heal your inflamed esophagus, then you may want to check out drugs such as Omepraxole and even Lansoprazxole that act fast in providing you with much needed acid reflux relief. However, in case the acid reflux medication that you are taking for your acid reflux problem does not provide suitable results, you may then need to consider getting surgery done, though usually, it is believed that not more than twenty-five percent of people with acid reflux need to get surgery performed to treat their acid reflux.

The bottom line is that acid reflux medication is not always necessary to treat acid reflux, and even the response to such medications will vary from person to person, while some people may not even respond to these acid reflux medications. Still, they are an option that you can use in case you want instant or at least, fast acting relief.

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