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Immediate Acid Reflux Relief


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Acid reflux in children normally is noticed during the very first twelve months in the life of a newborn child, and it may even appear just a few weeks after birth, and the reason for this is that whatever food enters into the child’s stomach will pass back into his or her esophagus due to the weakened condition of the muscle at the stomach’s entrance. However, there is not much reason to be alarmed by acid reflux in children, because often the problem is only temporary in nature, and will soon resolve itself.

Know The Symptoms

Nevertheless, it pays to be aware of the different symptoms of acid reflux in children so that you are well prepared in case you notice any or even all of these symptoms in your child. Among the commonest symptoms of acid reflux in children are persistent vomiting which shows the presence of blood; then there may be regurgitation of the food consumed and this is often noticed when food dribbles from the mouth of the child in a more or less non-stop manner.

In addition, you may also notice a bit of coughing in your child, and the child may also become cranky and cry a lot as well as is irritable and another sure symptom of acid reflux in children is when the child fails to gain weight, which will often happen because the acid reflux in your child is severe as well as prolonged.

As soon as these symptoms of acid reflux in children are noticed, you need to get in touch with your family doctor, especially if your child is vomiting blood. Once the doctor begins his examination of your child, he may even ask for urine as well as blood samples which will then be tested to establish whether it is really acid reflux that is causing the condition or whether it is gastroenteritis or even pyloricstenosis.

A simple method of treating acid reflux in children is to get them to change their normal sleeping position, which can help reduce the reflux or if your baby is old enough, to get him or her to sit in a baby chair. Also, you must wait for at least six weeks to see whether your treatment has improved the acid reflux in your child and if not, then the child should be taken to see a doctor who can prescribe medications to treat the condition.

The good news is that acid reflux in children is soon overcome by the children by the time they reach twelve months of age and that too without need of any treatment.

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