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Does Mangoes Have Acid In It

Despite a lot of study and research having been conducted on what the causes of acid reflux are, there has as yet not been any major breakthrough that can positively identify the exact causes of acid reflux, though it is felt that a poor diet may be a primary factor influencing the onset of acid reflux. The fact is that acid reflux normally happens whilst digesting the food when the stomach may cause acids or refluxes to be churned up that get into the esophagus and thereby makes the individual feel a burning sensation in their chest or even in the throat.

Donít Eat Too Much Of Foods Rich In Acidity

In fact, another possible cause of acid reflux is eating too much of foods that are rich in acidity such as tomato sauces as well as fatty and fried foods, which make the stomach contain unwanted and additional acid which are then pushed back through a valve known as the lower esophageal sphincter or LES that lies somewhere between a personís stomach and his esophagus. Some common culprits that bring on acid reflux are chocolates, citrus fruits as well as caffeinated beverages as well as tomato based sauces and even fried and fatty foods, and some other foods as well, which you should avoid eating as much as possible.

One other possible cause of acid reflux is overeating, which just like eating an improper diet can cause the stomach to become incapable of processing all the acids contained in the foods consumed which in turn causes the food to be backed up that will then result in digestive acids getting through the LES and thus makes you feel an unpleasant burning in the chest region.

In the same way, even being overweight is another possible cause of acid reflux since there is a definite correlation between having unwanted fat in your body and an onset of acid reflux. Probably, when you have too many pounds on your frame, it pressurizes the stomach as well as esophagus and this pressure can cause the LES to open when in fact it should have remained shut and thus allows acid to get into the esophagus resulting in acid reflux.

There are still even more possible causes of acid reflux including smoking and drinking alcohol as well as allergies to certain foods, and even some medications can cause acid reflux as too can the simple act of lying down after having eaten. However, you can get around most of these factors by simply making necessary changes to your behavior, and even lifestyle changes can help you overcome your acid reflux problem.