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Does Mangoes Have Acid In It

Pregnancy is a time when you might be plagued with a host of problems due to sudden increase of hormone production in the body. Along with morning sickness, acute sensitivity to smells, you could develop acid reflux in pregnancy when you enter the third trimester. At this time the baby is big enough to press against all the organs in your body, resulting in acute discomfort and the dreaded acid reflux in pregnancy.

What Causes This Condition?

Before you go for a cure or medication, you need to understand why you experience acid reflux in pregnancy. In the third trimester when the baby is almost fully developed, the uterus would start pressing hard against the diaphragm causing the malfunctioning of the LES (lower esophageal sphincter), which is the trap door that keeps the stomach contents from returning into the food pipe (esophagus).

In many cases, it also pushes a part of the stomach through the diaphragm. This condition is known as hiatus hernia. If you are really unlucky, you could get both conditions, though either one could be the cause of acid reflux in pregnancy.

You could also get acid reflux in pregnancy owing to high percentage estrogen and progesterone which is produced to cause the uterus muscles to relax and expand smoothly to accommodate the growing baby within. Unfortunately, these hormones sometimes cause undue relaxation of the LES resulting in acid reflux and constipation.

Those who were suffering from this condition before pregnancy are likely to experience very severe symptoms of this condition, which might at times be serious enough to require hospitalization.

The Natural Way

Most doctors and mothers-to-be agree to that it is best for the baby to limit medication as much as possible. However, it would be good if you could use some natural remedies to regulate this condition rather than medication. You will find that the elimination of certain foods from your diet are helpful, such as chocolate, tomatoes, fried foods, garlic, mustard sauce, and all caffeinated products. If you smoke, you would need to stop it as this is a major cause for acidity.

An excellent natural remedy is the modest ginger. Cut a little ginger into small pieces and carry with you in a small air tight jar. Whenever you feel the heartburn, take a piece and chew it very slowly. You could also use an acid reflux pillow under the supervision of your doctor which would slow down the backflow of the gastric juices and give you a peaceful sleep.

You could choose one or a combination of the above remedies to get adequate relief without risking the health and well being of the baby.


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