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Does Mangoes Have Acid In It

Persons suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease may develop an acid reflux cough without the typical heartburn or chest pain, and due to the lack of other symptoms may not realize the cause. The esophagus can withstand a certain amount of acid that may reflux from the stomach, but the throat and larynx cannot, and if any of the acid manages to reach these areas, an acid reflux cough may develop.

It is also possible for the acid from the stomach to work into the throat, wind up in the lungs causing a dry acid reflux cough, and develop into pneumonia or bronchitis or other breathing disorders. Avoiding the causes of acid reflux disease as well as situations that can cause the condition to become worse can also help avoid the development of an acid reflux cough, especially in those known to suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Typically, acid in the stomach, which is a necessary part of the digestive system, remains in the stomach as the lower esophageal sphincter muscles is supposed to only allow food to pass through one way. However, there are various reasons that food and the stomach acid can reflux back into the esophagus causing discomfort and in some cases an acid reflux cough.

Understand Condition To Eliminate Cough

It sometimes requires some thought to realize the cause of a person's cough, especially if they have no other medical symptoms. What can be occurring is that the acid is making its way into the throat with causing unusual irritation in the esophagus, but instigating a nagging acid reflux cough. This will often occur following a large meal or lying down too soon after eating and the food in the stomach forces some of acid back through the lower esophagus sphincter.

In most instances, medication designed to absorb or neutralize excess stomach acid will also help relieve this acid reflux cough and other problems the excess acid can cause. However, if it is a recurring condition consultation with the doctor may be required to find a more permanent solution to the problem. Long-term exposure to stomach acid can cause permanent damage to the inner lining of the esophagus as well as the throat.

For occasional problems with acid reflux, being cautious of diet and the foods and drink consumed may offer assistance in eliminating an acid reflux cough and in many cases over the counter antacids will offer relief. Caution is advised with some medications as if taken for too long a period of time, can actually cause other health issues.