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Can Mango Cause A Upset Stomach

From the moment the severe burning pain begins in the chest, most people really just want to find some acid reflux relief without a lecture on how they probably ate too much too fast and brought the indigestion on themselves. It is also entirely possible the pain is so severe that it is being confused with a heart attack and they end up in the emergency room. However, that is OK as it is better to find acid reflux relief in the hospital than to be chewing antacid tablets in the middle of a heart attack.

Essentially, there are a few ways to find acid reflux relief, including reducing the amount of acid present in the stomach with medications or food that absorb the acid or by reducing the amount of acid produced into the stomach. Additionally, there are certain foods that tell the stomach that more acid is going to be needed and eliminating them can help slow the production without the need for medication.

Typically, when acid indigestion begins to rise into the throat, acid reflux relief is needed in a hurry. Unfortunately, between occurrences, many people simply ignore the problem until it hits them again. In many cases, it may be a need to change eating habits to find more permanent acid reflux relief.

Eliminating Causes Of Acid Indigestion Brings Relief

Most people quickly learn that certain foods cause them to experience acid indigestion and learn to avoid that food. If they think about what they consumed, food and drink before suffering acid reflux relief can be as easy as eliminate them from their diet. It is also common for persons to eat a large meal just before going to bed or lying down to suffer indigestion and waiting a couple of hours after a meal can help reduce the times they wake up with indigestion.

Using over the counter antacids can provide temporary relief, but extended usage may also cause the stomach to produce less acid than is needed for proper digestive function. If a person suffers chronic indigestion after adjusting their eating habits they may want to seek additional help for acid reflux relief for a more permanent solution.

Medications that inhibit the production of stomach acid can provide acid reflux relief, but generally they take up to 24 hours to be effective and are not used for immediate relief. They should also be used only under a doctor's advice as extended use may cause digestive problems after a few weeks of use.