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For persons suffering from chronic and persistent acid reflux Nexium is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs on the market today. As a proton pump inhibitor the drug is not designed to provide immediate relief of heartburn, rather it was developed as a one pill per say treatment to limit the amount of stomach acid produced by the stomach. While the drug was developed to reduce acid reflux Nexium should be taken with care to insure the body's digestive system can maintain its function.

Stomach acid is much the same as the hydrochloric acid found in car batteries and can be very damaging to the esophagus lining. If left unchecked it can cause ulcers in the lower esophagus and can work its way into the larynx and throat and damage them as well. Persons long-suffering with acid reflux Nexium can also promote healing of damaged tissue be limiting the amount of acid in the stomach.

As a precaution persons using it for acid reflux Nexium can reduce the amount of acid too much and leave them open for additional problems. The acid in the stomach is used as part of the system's digestive processed, but also is helpful at killing some of the harmful bacteria such as those that cause food poisoning. If acid levels fall too low food may not be properly digested and the individual may be more susceptible to food-borne illnesses.

Use Should Be Limited To Useful Time Frame

In most cases with acid reflux Nexium will provide relief in about four to six weeks. While the manufacturer suggests if the symptoms of acid reflux continued after that time and additional period of four to six weeks might be considered, the patient is advised to talk it over with their doctor. As a qualified therapy for acid reflux Nexium has not been proven in tests for its use longer than six months and the effects of long-term use remain unknown.

There are some critics that complain the drug is a reworked formula with a larger marketing budget and while it does provide relief for acid reflux Nexium should be carefully considered before beginning its use. Inhibiting acid production, according to some medical professionals is only one method of reducing acid indigestion.

This type of product should only be used under guidance of a doctor, even though for acid reflux Nexium is sold in doses for over the counter use. The ramification of abuse of the drug could be digestive problems as well as susceptibility to other ailments.

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