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Cheesy Dresses

Itís prom season--a time for young women in long elegant prom dresses and young men in tuxedos. Itís a time for dinner out and long limousine rides - a time for young men and women to make a pivotal step into adulthood. Yet recently thereís been a lot of hoopla on high school campuses regarding prom dresses. It really all comes down to a matter of personal perspective. Are long elegant prom dresses the only choices, or can young women today choose between long and short dresses as long the dress is simple and elegant and suitable for formal wear?

What Teens Think

Some young women think of long prom dresses not as elegant, but as somber and dated. They say that long dresses can encumber their ability to dance and have a good time. Still other teens say that length does matter at prom. The length of the dress it what distinguishes a prom dress from a winter formal dress or other dresses for high school dances. To these teens, the prom wouldnít be the prom without a long and elegant prom dress.

What Parents Think

Many parents agree that long and elegant prom dresses are the tradition. Prom, they say, is a long-held tradition, one that should be maintained at the highest level. To these parents, the length of the dress influences behavior. Not overtly, they say, but on some subliminal level. Long elegant prom dresses, they believe, promote more subdued behavior.

Other parents support the young womenís right to choose. If their teen feels more comfortable in a short but elegant prom dress, then so be it. They argue that each generation makes its mark on the culture - perhaps short prom dresses will be one of the marks made by this generation. The tradition, these parents say, is the prom itself. What they want for their young women is for them to be safe and beautiful and to have an extraordinary time.

The issue of long elegant prom dresses or shorter versions of the same will not be resolved this season. Like any cultural fashion change, it will evolve over several seasons. So for now, look for a dress that flatters the teenís body type. Choose colors that are appropriate for both the young women and the prom theme. And remember that research shows that what both parents and teens agree on, is that prom dresses are only one part of an amazing event.


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