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Pictures Of Women Wearing Nothing But Thongs Thongs


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Quite some few years back, a thong was considered as being an item of lingerie that was only worn by women that stripped professionally and its use outside of strip clubs was more or less unknown. Such an item was seldom discussed in public and perhaps one reason for its never being mentioned was a sense of modesty. In those days gone by, underwear was usually very simple and basic and also very plain – so there was not much to discuss anyway.

Some people believe that these items of underwear were made for the sole purpose of helping make sure that no panty lines showed up on the skin of the wearer. Others believe that the thong is a smart invention. Still others believe that they are meant to be more erotic and are used to help draw attention to the wearer.

Perhaps, up to now, your only exposure to the thong could have been from watching men and women strippers wearing them. Or you may have seen them being worn by models whose pictures graced the pages of some fashion magazine. No matter, how you came to know about the thong, the fact of the matter is that these items of underwear have been worn for a long time by strippers and the intention was certainly not to hide panty lines.

Show It Off

The essential appeal to wearing a thong lies in the fact that it helps women to wield power over men. In this age of bare-all and dare-all wearing such an item assumes added significance and women love to wear thongs just to flaunt their beautiful bodies. Today, this item is being worn by women as v-shaped colorful strips of cloth that are worn above the waistband forming as it were an advertisement about them that is as bright as any neon advertisement.

In fact, today’s thongs are available in a variety of colors and when worn in the style just mentioned it helps women to let men know that they are wearing little underneath their jeans. In fact, for many women today, wearing a thong is something of a status symbol and also a means of advertising them in a way which lets you imagine how beautiful her body is and that she is not afraid to show it to the world.

Of course, thongs are also very comfortable to wear. Among variants to the thong you can include items such as G-strings, tanga and the V-strings. Another item of women’s wear that needs to be chosen with some care is a bikini. There are many flavors to the thong and there are also many styles as well as shapes that will suit different tastes and bodies. All you need to do is find one that fits well and then you will then have little difficulty in displaying your physical assets to your best advantage.

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