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Among the many types and style of bra out on the market, are the bras that can be worn with strapless outfits and halter tops. These would be shelf bras, convertible bras, strapless bras and the tube top bra. Of all of these bras, the tube top bra is the only hybrid of the group. This is because the tube top bra uses elements common to other types of bras but also provides added comfort style to some outfits. A tube top bra can have a shelf cup built into it to support the breasts, or it can work the same as a strapless bra with under wire cups. Although some people, mainly guys, would think a tube top bra could double as a push up bra, they do not make the best push up bra since the fabric pushes the breast in and does not push it up. It is possible to get a push up bra in a tube top style though.

Different Clothes Require Different Bras

Most of the time the need for a tube top bra stems from the wearer having on either a strapless bikini top or wrap around top, which still requires support. Many bikini tops have a tube top bra built in. Some tube top dresses also have this type of bra built into them to conform to the design and style of the dress. Many women, who are not wishing to wear a conventional bra or go without a bra, will use the tube top bra as a third option. Many of the tube top style garments allow the removal of the bra from the garment itself if you wish to go without the tube top bra. Another common use of a tube top bra, if you do not wish to go without a bra, is when you are wearing banana straps or spaghetti straps which are too thin and would show the bra straps from underneath.

It has only been within the last two decades that women in some places, mainly America, have started to wear a tube top as an outer garment and not as underwear. Originally, tube tops were fashionable back during the 1970’s and have come and gone from current style a few times. While there are people, mainly parents of young daughters, who would not consider it appropriate to wear a tube top bra, others see it as a comfortable alternative to other regular bra styles available.

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