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With the busy lifestyle most women live today, having an assortment of apparel to use for any occasion is important. Women have different shoes, accessories and combination of outfits to fit their needs. It is also important to have a variety of bras available for the same reason. With this in mind there are five top bras that women need to have in order to suit any occasion that may arise.

The T-Shirt Bra

This is one of the top bras for everyday use. The t-shirt bra uses seamless cups and allows a smooth look even with the thinnest of shirts. With colors that can match any outfit, the t-shirt bra ranks at the top of the five top bras to own.

The Sports Bra

Most bras are for regular everyday activities. But if you are a more active woman, one of the top bras you need to own is the sports bra. Unlike traditional bras, the sports bra provides good support and comfort during physical activities or exercises. This can help reduce movement and damage to the breast tissue.

The Convertible Bra

The convertible bra is basically an all-in-one bra. This type of bra provides adjustable shoulder straps that can be worn just about any way you want. The convertible bra is the one to have if you wear halter tops, strapless or one-shoulder outfits or a backless piece. This is one of the top bras for most eveningwear. Another type of bra that is similar to this is the strapless or tube top bra

The Under Wire Bra

If you are in need of a greater amount of breast support or shaping, the under wire bra is one of the top bras you need to own. Under wire bras come with wiring underneath the cup to help in support of the breast. Make sure you get the proper size so the wire doesn’t cause pain. These bras can be padded or lined to provide a fuller look if this is what you are after.

The Soft Cup Bra

The soft cup bra is the opposite to the under wire bra in that there are no wires within the cups. This type of bra is one of the top bras to own if you want enhanced comfort and support without the wires that are associated with an under wire bra.

These five styles are basically the top bras that you need to own for daily use. Remember that any bra must take into account size, support and comfort when worn. With different occasions and needs constantly arising it is a good idea to have at least one of each available.

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