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My personal favorite convertible halter bra is the Wonderbra Enrapture Convertible Halter Bra. This backless halter bra has all the features I need from a convertible halter bra. If you have tried convertible halter bras but have not been satisfied with what you purchased, take a look at the features below and see if they conform to what you are looking for.

Features Of The Wonderbra Enrapture Convertible Halter Bra

This bra is made from a pretty fan lace and has a stretch mesh construction. This means that this convertible bra maintains an elegant look while still being incredibly durable. Inside the bra are molded foam pads that offer gentle shaping and lift. This gives you ultimate comfort and support without sacrificing anything. The back straps can convert easily and quickly into a halter so you can wear this bra with any outfit. In addition the halter configuration it also allows for maximum cleavage.

The center of the bra is a low V-cut for sexy necklines. This with the shaping lets your chest look its best. Along these edges is scalloped lace for even more elegance. The bra has three eighth of an inch bra straps and a back wing width that tapers from three inches down to one and a quarter inches. The back is a standard three column, two-row hook and eye back closure.

This convertible halter bra is lightly lined and offers gentle shaping and support to fit women of all shapes and sizes. With fan lace and the modern stretch mesh, the convertible halter bra from Wonderbra has the sexy fit of demi bra with the support of a full bra. The simple conversion to a traditional bra is what makes this bra one of the most popular and useful bras on the market today.

The bra is made from nylon, polyester, polyurethane foam and spandex. All of these materials are in varying percentages depending on what part of the bra they are used in.

Whatever your needs, the Wonderbra Enrapture Convertible Halter Bra can meet them and excel. I have been searching for the perfect bra for years and until recently thought that my hunt would never be successful. I now know that someone at Wonderbra was looking for the exact same thing, and lucky for me that they found it. Without this bra I have no idea what I would do, it literally has become my everyday work wear to nightlife bra of choice. Go out and try one on yourself, you will be amazed.

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