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Best Form Bra
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Men Wearing Lace Lingerie Pics


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Women wear all sorts of panties. Some wear large panties that they typically call Granny Panties. These are for comfort more than anything else. They're supportive and women usually wear them when they're fairly certain that nobody will see them. Granny panties don't make a woman feel sexy, however, as they're usually not very attractive. If you want to feel sexy on top of your clothes as well as underneath, you may want to go for a pair of bikini panties. Bikini panties will give you that boost of confidence even if nobody will see them. They're just supportive enough for comfort but they also give you the sexiness you'd usually go for in a bikini you'd wear to the beach. For extra sexiness, you may want to choose a pair of panties made of a certain fabric, such as satin panties.

Choosing The Right Pair

You may find it sort of weird or unsanitary to try on your pair of bikini panties at the store. After all, who has tried on that particular pair before you? Having your private areas touching the part of the panties that other women's parts have touched may gross you out. However, you must try on your pair of bikini panties so that you can ensure you're getting the right fit. If you wish, wear some hose or slip them on over your own panties while at the store. This will make sure you are getting the right pair of bikini panties and that they fit correctly. Just make sure you wash them as soon as you get home before you wear them.

You Never Know

The best part about wearing bikini panties is that they leave you feeling sexy. This feeling of sexiness comes whether or not anyone even sees the bikini panties. However, you never know when someone will actually see them. What if you're on a date and you're not sure where it will go. You'd be horrified if you were wearing your granny panties and things started to progress. If you were wearing your bikini panties, however, you'd feel sexy inside and out and you'd feel completely comfortable in the chance that your date actually saw what you were wearing underneath your dress, skirt or jeans.

Look And Feel

Bikini panties come in all sorts of styles and they are made from many different fabrics. Having an entire drawer full of bikini panties in a variety of styles and fabrics will ensure that you always have some to go with whatever you wear, you'll have the fabrics to make you feel your sexiest and you'll always know that you have exactly the right pair of panties for the occasion.

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