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Wearing a sheer bra can be both exciting and fun. You can feel like you are wearing nothing at all, yet still be fully supported and held up properly. A sheer bra can also be much more comfortable than a push up bra or wonder bra. With sheer bras, you do not have any extra material or stitches poking into you causing you discomfort or pain. Your breasts are your natural breasts without any enhancement except the support that this type of bra offers.

What To Wear Over It

There are some things that you do not want to wear sheer bras with. One of those is any sheer material. Unless you plan on parading around in your birthday suit, make sure to wear a full coverage bra with a sheer shirt or dress. Sometimes it can appear that the material is not sheer, so make sure to hold it up to a light before deciding to wear it with a sheer bra underneath. You do not want light to hit you and only then find out that you are practically flashing everyone around you! Another don’t with a sheer bra would be wearing it with something low cut. If you wear one with something that is cut low enough to fully expose you when you bend over, you want to be extra careful. If someone can see straight down your shirt when you bend over, you will want your bra to offer the extra coverage so that you do not expose yourself to anyone inadvertently. A sheer bra simply does not offer that type of coverage. You also do not want to wear a sheer bra while running or exercising. Chafed nipples are very, very uncomfortable and often times very painful. To avoid that, wear a full coverage bra or sports bra while running or exercising.

So when is a good time to wear a sheer bra? A see-through bra is a great undergarment for any thick, non see-through material. Formal gowns are usually a great material to wear sheer bras with. They are usually made of thick, sturdy material that lends itself well to sheer undergarments. In addition, a see-through bra is great in the bedroom with your husband. You will still feel the full support that a sheer bra offers, as well as the sexy sheer material. Support can be important in making a woman feel sexy, as well as the material the bra is made from.

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