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I have tried many backless halter bras but have always been dissatisfied with the product once I got it. That changed when I purchased a backless halter bra from Comet. Comet is famous for making bras of extreme style and durability, and this backless halter bra is no exception. I liked it so much I even tried some of their halter neck bras, but I found that I preferred the backless halter bra to even those.

Why Is The Comet Backless Halter Bra The Best?

There are a few reasons. The first of which is how light it is. This bra is a complete redesign of the strapless bra from the ground up by the Italian designers at Comet. You may think that there is nothing that could be improved upon as far as backless halter bras are concerned, but this bra certainly takes it to the next level. The hi-tech lightweight materials used means that you will barely feel the bra on your body. The push up under wire and preformed cups, with perfectly graduated pads seamlessly integrated into the cup, will offer you support and comfort that you never dreamed possible from a backless halter bra.

In addition this bra has a clear invisible silicone strap on the back to make it look like a there is nothing there, while at the same time it provides support without compromise. All of the bras from Comet have a system of micro holes inside the padding of the cups so that your skin can breathe and not trap in heat and moisture. This will maintain an always-fresh feeling and keep your skin cool and comfortable. No more sweaty, sticky, constricting bras that provide no support. This bra from Comet is here to solve all of your problems.

I could go on about the features and construction, but the key is for you to get out there and try one the bra for yourself. Once you do I think you will realize why these bras are so expensive. This brings us to the only hindrance I can see for this product, and that is the price. List price is around seventy-seven dollars, but you can expect to pay about fifty in most stores. This is a small price to pay for ultimate comfort and style. Take the time to at least try the bra before you write it off.

Hopefully I have introduced you to a product you have never heard of, and something that is useful for you. Like I said the true test is to get out there and try one on.

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