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March 28th, 2017

FAQs about Altace medication

is a nutritional supplement used in the treatment of high blood pressure. Though it does not cure the high blood pressure, it can aid in keeping blood pressure under control.

How it works

There is a chemical present in the blood called angiotensin that is linked to water retention. Angiotensin also increases intracellular salt level. The function of is to help prevent the development of this chemical and aid blood in flowing freely throughout the circulatory system.

Ways to take the medicine

Initially, the recommended dosage of is once daily. However, this dosage can be increased after consulting a doctor, provided the blood pressure of an individual remains under control. An individual can take this medication with or without food. If you forget to take a dose, skip the scheduled dose and follow your daily routine. It is important to avoid double dosing without first talking with your doctor. As with all medications, to maintain maximum results, one should consume this tablet according to the dosage schedule or as prescribed by the physician. An individual can consume the tablet either alone or with thiazide diuretics. Diuretics reduce excess water present in the body. It may take few weeks in order to see the full results of this medicine.

Side effects of

The medicine has very mild side effects which subsided gradually after discontinuing the medication. If any allergic reaction occurs, it is advised to discontinue this medication and consult your doctor. Common allergic reactions include swelling which may be located on the face, tongue, lips, arms or legs. Another common sign of an allergic reaction is difficulties in breathing. Some of the common side effects of include headache, dizziness, cough, sore throat, infection in the respiratory system, and leg pain.

In some rare cases, can also cause kidney damage. If an individual is suffering from kidney problem, the medication should be taken only after consulting doctors. Also, in certain cases, this drug can lead to the increased potassium level. If pregnant, consult a doctor prior to use, as if this drug is taken during the last six months of pregnancy, there is a possibility of serious and/or life-threatening complications.

Last but not the least, should always be stored at room temperature and kept away from excessive moisture.