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April 24th, 2017

FAQs about Altace medication

Coral Calcium has become a very popular natural supplement over the last few years. Despite the ongoing debate on companies producing supplements on coral calcium, current evidence suggests that coral calcium indeed beneficial for the heart, blood pressure problems, and also for helping correct calcium deficiencies. Acktiva contains coral calcium and is believed to improve the condition of the human body.

Coral Calcium and pH

Acktiva contains coral calcium, which is abundandant in Vitamin D and Calcium. This combination is both highly and readily absorbed through the digestive system. Additionally, the great variety of trace minerals contained in Acktiva's coral calcium has secondary benefits. Facts on more than 50 trace minerals are presented in Acktiva are available as well as the ways in which they improve human health and well being.

The body's natural pH should ideally be around 7.3 to 7.5. This balance, however is easily tipped by the daily diet; mainly by sugars and acidic elements present in the majority of commonly consumed foods which unbalance the body's equilibrium. The pH can be neutralized and balanced using alkaline substances as magnesium, zinc, sodium and calcium, all of which are present in Acktiva. A balanced pH helps provide the optimal alkaline environment rich in oxygen that can reduce serious conditions associated with an acidic blood pH.

Acktiva with coral calcium is a revolutionary formula assembled after having conducted research for many years on the effects of coral calcium in the human body. The main benefits of coral calcium leading to the formulation of Acktiva are:

- The contribution of coral calcium to organic health;
- The balancing effect of coral calcium on blood pH;
- The effects of calcium on the production of hormones and enzymes;
- Benefits of coral calcium in the reconstruction of cellules;
- Usage of calcium in muscular movements including the heart
- Benefits of coral calcium, pH shift, and Oxygenation;

Acktiva review over ingredients

Acktiva's main ingredients list contains:
- Coral Calcium with more than 50 trace minerals extracted directly from oceanic and marine coral
- Calcium that regulates the transmission of nerve pulses, builds healthy teeth and bones, regulates blood pressure, maintains low levels of cholesterol, reduces PMS symptoms, aids kidney health, helps muscle contractions, and aids the passage of nutrients through the human body.
- Magnesium, an extremely important in the neural system for transmission of neural pulses and is involved in chemical reactions all throughout the body
- Vitamin D, aiding in calcium absorption.

Being a dietary supplement, one serving of Acktiva contains more than 50% of the daily recommended calcium and magnesium and over 200% of the vitamin D needed for optimal health.

The information on coral calcium that is present in Acktiva is supported by the long life expectancy and health of Okinawa's people. Okinawa, a locale of Japan, is known by for higher than average longevity of its inhabitants. The coral calcium is a nutrient naturally occurring in most of the products they consume daily, with a fish-heavy diet and located in a region with an abundance of coral calcium.