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What Does 3 Numbers Pay On The Powerball


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what does 3 numbers pay on the powerball

It’s the dream of nearly every Americanâ€"a Powerball win. Millions of us have dreamed of about winning the lottery, of cashing in the winning ticket and shaking the lottery commissioner’s hand while the other hand holds that giant cardboard check for $400 million dollars. In the Powerball lottery, a bi-weekly drawing that takes place in 29 states across the country; there are nine ways to win in Powerball. Your Powerball win can range from $3 to the current highest jackpot of $365 million. Before we count the ways to win, let’s learn how the game works.

Powerball is a lotto game that rewards both jackpot and cash prizes. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), a non-profit, government-benefit organization owned and operated by its 31 member lotteries administers the Powerball lottery. All profits made through the lottery stay in the individual states and are used to support causes approved by the state legislatures. On a biweekly basis, the MUSL draws five white balls out of a barrel of 55 white balls and one red ball out of a barrel of 42 red balls. By matching chosen numbers, winners have nine opportunities to win. The jackpot is won by matching all five of the white balls and the red Powerball. A Powerball ticket costs players $1 a piece. Players can also pay an extra $1 for the PowerPlay, in which any prize winnings are multiplied by up to five times the normal prize (not including the jackpot amount). The multiplier is chosen randomly at the same time the Powerball numbers are drawn.

Now that we understand the rules of the game, let’s count the ways to win in Powerball. Powerball players win by matching one of the nine “ways to win.” The easiest way to win is simply by matching your Powerball with the drawn red Powerball. Odds are that one person out of 68 will make this match for a prize of $3. The second way to win is by matching one of the white balls along with the red Powerball. Winners are among 125 other people who take home a prize of $4. The third way to win is by matching two white balls and the red Powerball. This way pays the same prize of $10 as the fourth way to win, in which the player matches three white balls. For a $100 prize, roughly one out of 13,000 players will match either four white balls or three white balls and the red Powerball. The seventh way to win in Powerball is to match four of the white balls and the red Powerball. About one in 584,000 people will win this prize each drawing. The $200,000 prize is won by matching all five of the white balls but not the red Powerball. Odds of winning this prize are about one in 3,563,608. Finally, the ninth and most important way to win in Powerball is the jackpot. By matching all five of the white balls and the red Powerball, in no particular order, you will become a multi-millionaire. The chances of hitting the jackpot in Powerball are a mere one in 146,107,962.

You can also win in Powerball by using the Powerplay option. First of all, note that the Powerplay multiplier (unfortunately for some winners!) does not apply to jackpot prizes. The odds of having a winning multiplier are 1 in 4. If you win the $200,000 prize for matching all five of the white balls, and the multiplier is 2, your winnings will total $400,000. A multiplier of 5 will launch your winnings to $1 million dollars.

Here’s an interesting note about how to win in Powerball: Roughly computers choose 70% to 80% of purchases and about 70% to 80% of wins are computer picks. So, if you are looking to win in Powerball, let a computer do the work, use the Powerball option, and play often.

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From: Sandi Spidell
Comment: My comment is that this didn't answer my question at all!!!!!  All I wanted to know is how much does 3 numbers right on the Arizona Powerball pay?!!!!!  The page long reply above did not answer my question.  Why can't I get an answer to my question????  Is this just an automated reply to any question asked??!!! requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 1:20:18 AM