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Playing the lottery can be very tempting, especially when the jackpot climbs into the tens of millions, all there for the taking just for guessing a few numbers. Some people who want to play, however, are put off by the complicated looking play slip. When you’re in a lottery retailer and everyone else is flying through their slips like old pros, it can be a little intimidating and nerve racking to look like the new kid on the lottery block. But never fear. Filling out Powerball play slips is not as complicated as it looks, once you know your way around slips. Simply follow these tips to grab your chance at lottery glory.

The lottery play slip is split into two sections for each game, a white section and a red section. The white section is numbered from 1 to 55. In this section, you will need to pick five numbers to correspond to the five white balls that are drawn first on game night. The numbers are encased in brackets; to make your selection, color in the space between the brackets, covering the number. You should use pencil to do this, so the computer can read your card, but it is very important that you do not erase. If you erase, the computer may not read your ticket correctly, and your ticket may become invalid.

The red section of your ticket is reserved for the Powerball. It is numbered 1 to 42. In this section, you should only choose one number as your Powerball pick. Shade your choice in the same way as you did the white section of your card, and of course, do not erase. There is room on the Powerball play slips for more than one game, so repeat these steps as many times as you like. Each play costs $1.

If you would prefer not to guess your own numbers and would rather let the computer do it for you, select the “Quick Pick” option. The teller will take your ticket and run it through the computer, which will randomly assign your numbers to you. Lottery officials estimate that 70% of winning lottery tickets are Quick Pick tickets. Remember, though, if you don’t like the numbers the computer has picked, there is no going back. If you want different numbers, you have to purchase a new ticket.

If you have favorite numbers that you play week in and week out, you can do that without making a trip to the store every time. On your ticket, you can choose to let those numbers run for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 26 weeks in a row. Each play still costs $1, so if you want to run the numbers for 26 weeks, that ticket will cost you $26.

On each ticket, there is also a box marked “Powerplay.” If you select the Powerplay option, if you have a ticket, your winnings could be multiplied. When the lottery draw is held, after the numbers are chosen, they spin the “Powerplay” wheel to see what, if any, will be the multiplier. The multipliers range from two to five, so your winnings could increase significantly. Going for the Powerplay option costs an additional dollar per game.

That’s all there is to filling out your first Powerball play slip. Everyone has their own way of picking their numbers, and when you become more accustomed to the game, you’re bound to have your own as well. After a few weeks, filling out your slip will become old hat. Now, you just have to figure out how to win!

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