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How Much Tax Taken Out Of Lottery In Georgia State

It’s the dream of nearly every Americanâ€"a Powerball win. Millions of us have dreamed of about winning the lottery, of cashing in the winning ticket and shaking the lottery commissioner’s hand while the other hand holds that giant cardboard check for $400 million dollars. In the Powerball lottery, a bi-weekly drawing that takes place in 29 states across the country; there are nine ways that you can win. Your Powerball win can range from $3 to the current highest jackpot of $365 million.

How to collect your prize depends on your luck. You can collect a prize totaling less than $600 at any participating retailer in the state where you purchased your winning ticket (as long as the retailer has the cash on hand). Note that you cannot claim your prize in another state. You can also claim any winning, including those over $600, at your state’s lottery headquarters. Prices can even be claimed by mail. Visit the Powerball website to find the address and claim form for your state.

Typically, you can collect prizes totaling less than $600 on the same day at any state lottery retailer on the day you make your claim. Prizes between $601 and $25,000 can be collected at any time at your state’s lottery offices or headquarters. Prize money over $25,000 will take two weeks to redeem. If you make your claim two weeks after you won your prize, you can typically get the money the very next day. If you have won more than $601, it is your responsibility to complete an IRS W-9 form.

You may also be lucky enough to have to make a decision about taking your Powerball winnings as cash lump sum or as an annuity. Annuities are fixed payments over a certain number of yearsâ€"specifically 30 years in the case of a Powerball jackpot. If you choose the lump sum option, you will receive approximately one-half of the advertised prize amount minus taxes (usually 25% federal income tax plus state tax). If you choose the annuity option, you will receive 30 graduated annuity payments over 29 years minus taxes. Financial advisors have many different opinions about which are the best options. Much depends on your personal situation. You have up to 60 days until after you claim the prize to decide whether you want the cash or the annuity option. If you have not made your decision within 60 days, you will automatically receive annuity payments over 30 years.

Jackpot winners react in many different ways with regard to their Powerball win. When 33-year-old Brad Duke of Idaho won $220.3 million dollars, becoming one of Powerball’s biggest winners, he spent weeks assembling a team of lawyers, financial advisors, and a publicist to help him after his bog win. Others rush straight over to the lottery headquarters with their families to make the grand announcement. Some winners would like to remain anonymous, whereas others relish the publicity. Only three states (Delaware, Kansas, and North Dakota) allow winners to remain anonymous, however. South Carolina law allows your name to be kept secret if you request it. Photographs, interviews, and press conferences are always completely up to you. Experts recommend that you take your time, sign your winning ticket and keep it in a safe location, consult with a tax and/or legal professional, and contact your state’s lottery headquarters.

If you choose to wait to claim your prize, note that ticket expiration dates vary from state to state and can vary from 90 days to one year. The rules for ticket expiration may also change from time to time. Check the back of your ticket for your state’s expiration period.

Finally, congratulations on your Powerball win! Whether your prize was $3 or $300 million dollars, you beat the odds!