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Playing the Powerball lottery can be fun and exciting, especially when the jackpot reaches into the millions. You might dream of the fortune and all of the things you could do with millions of dollars. It is as easy as picking a few numbers and getting very lucky.

How do you go about picking the right numbers? For some it is completely random. Other people have a very systematic approach. Furthermore, many people that play the lottery on a regular basis will play the same set of numbers week after week. Here is a list of the ways that some people pick their Powerball numbers.

The biggest thing to remember any time you play the lottery is that you are gambling and just like craps, poker or roulette, you are dealing with chance. You have very slim odds of winning big, but so do everyone else. Just remember the next time you play the lottery or Powerball that you probably won’t win, but at least you can have a little fun picking your lottery numbers!

Certain numbers: This is where you can get quite creative. It is fun to come up with meaningful numbers to play. In addition, any people feel that if they play the same set of numbers week after week, the numbers that they like will win. The rationale is that eventually, as chances are, these numbers will come up at some point. Numbers that people may pick could be family member birthdays, special anniversary dates or even house numbers, social security numbers or telephone numbers. Just have fun picking your numbers and remember that when you do pick numbers that mean something to you, it will be easier for you to check the winning numbers.

Random numbers: Random numbers are the way to play the lottery for many people. This is like pulling random cards or numbers out of hat. They may not play these numbers week after week, but random numbers are just as good as any other numbers. It all comes down to chance anyway. So, if you opt to play the lottery or Powerball using random numbers, then just jot down the first numbers that come into your mind. Or, write a bunch of numbers on slips of paper and draw them out of a hat. Play the numbers that you draw.

Fortune Cookies: Okay, you can laugh at this method, but why not? This may seem very random, but this method has actually worked in the past for some people. There is one documented case where several people won the same lottery after writing down numbers that they got in fortune cookies. It seemed that the fortune cookie company used the same lottery numbers over and over again. When you go have Chinese food, get a fortune cookie. Most of the time, you will find lottery numbers on the back of the fortune. Go ahead and head to your favorite convenience store and buy a ticket using those numbers. Your fortune cookie might turn into a fortune for you financially.

Quick picks: Quick pick numbers are numbers that are chosen for you. Many states have the quick pick option. It is easy. You do not even have to think. The computer will print out numbers for you on a ticket and then you go home and wait to hear the winning numbers.

With any of these methods to pick lottery numbers, you have just as good of a chance at winning as anyone else. There is never a sure-fire method for picking the right numbers. That is why it is called a lottery.

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