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Bosch Offers Innovations With Less Vibration
May 25th, 2017

Where to go for Your Bosch Appliances

Since 1932 Bosch tools has been hammering home the need for low vibration and low noise power tools and their innovations have resulted in some of the quietest power tools on the market. Growing out of the invention of the world's first rotary hammer, Bosch technicians are constantly working to make life easier for the home handyman and the professional at all skill and experience levels. In addition to the company's line of power tools, they are also well entrenched in the automotive industry with spark plugs, wires and many other electronic replacement parts.

It was a Bosch employee that was watching his wife's sewing machine needle go up and down and decided in 1946 to attach a saw blade to the mechanism, giving birth to the idea of a jigsaw. This device is one of the most popular saws in use today by a variety of users for a wide range of uses. Changing bits in hammer drills always seemed to be a chore until 1981 when the company developed it bit-holding system to make changing hammer bits quicker and easier.

Flush cutting with a power saw became a reality in 1998 with the introduction by Bosch, also with low vibration and low noise. Like most other cutting tools the company produces, it too has an extensive dust collection and elimination system, keeping work areas cleaner.

Many Labels Under The Bosch Umbrella

Providing power equipment to a wide range of users, Bosch produces tools and accessories under various names such as Dremel, Rexroth, Rotozip and Vermont American. The commitment to quality, durability and customer service is built into all Bosch products, regardless of the nameplate. Prices of the various brands may vary depending on the intended use and the stresses the tool is expected to be put under.

The auto parts division of Bosch has a strong history in providing parts for every day use as well as in performance vehicles. Bosch Motorsports recently reveled in the 2007 Nextel Cup win of driver Jimmy Johnson on the NASCAR circuit. Their involvement in the sport seems like a natural fit with their experience in auto parts manufacturing.

Bosch is also part of the home environment with its ventilation systems for the home as well as a complete appliance line. Refrigeration and induction countertops are a few of the innovations Bosch has introduced to become a rounded company in supplying products for the home. The appliances use the same low vibration and low noise technologies as their line of power tools.