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How To Wear Pheromone Perfume Correctly
March 28th, 2017

Different Methods Available For Purchasing A Pheromone Perfume

A large percentage of the people purchasing a perfume containing pheromones waste a great deal of the perfume because they do not know how to wear it correctly. The methods used to wear the scent properly will allow the scent to last for much longer while keeping the power of the scent manageable so that you are not running people out of the room with the smell of the perfume. By following a couple of tips, you can make sure that you are wearing the perfume properly and can maximize the value of the added pheromones in the perfume.

Locate Pulse Points

The first tip for applying a perfume that contains a pheromone is to place the perfume on the pulse points of the body. The pulse points include behind the ears, on the sides of the neck, on the insides of the wrists, on the back of the knees, and inside the crook of the elbows. The pulse points are areas where the blood flow is the strongest and near the surface of the skin so the heat of the blood warms the perfume and continues to reactivate the pheromone throughout the day.

Moisturize Your Skin

Another tip that should be remembered when using a pheromone perfume is that the scent will last longer when placed on skin that is moisturized. A lot of people use the perfume containing a pheromone right when they get out of the bath or shower after they have used their favorite body lotion. Some manufacturers create bath and body items with moisturizing properties in the same scent as their perfume containing a pheromone so the scent of the items will complement the scent of the perfume.

The full effect of a perfume containing a pheromone will not be noticeable to others until one hour after the perfume has been applied. The total amount of time that the scent of the perfume will last will depend on the strength of the scent and the ingredients used to create the perfume, but most varieties last for several hours with the pheromone at full strength. If the strength of the scent needs to last throughout the day, the person may decide to purchase a small container of the perfume containing pheromone to be place in their desk or their purse to refresh the perfume during the day. It is important to refresh the perfume containing a pheromone instead of increasing the amount that you put on because using large amounts of the perfume does not lengthen the time the scent will last.