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Best Time To Fumigate A House Morning Or Afternoon

One of the most misunderstood facets of pest control is the extermination portion of the practice. Some people believe that extermination is only used in particular circumstances while others believe that extermination is the main tactic used by pest control personnel. The truth is that extermination can be used to handle certain circumstances, but not all circumstances require the pests to be exterminated for the problem to be solved.

Insect Infestations

In most cases of insect infestations in the home, extermination may be the only option for removing the pests from the home. When it comes to ant control or getting rid of a roach problem, it is impossible to get rid of the infestation without killing all of the insects that are living in the home, including the ones nesting in the walls, hiding, and living beneath the home in the foundation or underground. If all of the insects are not exterminated, then the problem will continue to occur on a regular basis as the insect population grows and regains its former strength.

A notable exception to this rule is when bees create a colony on the outside of the home in an easily accessible place or in a birdhouse or tree that is close to the home. In these cases, extermination may not have to be used if the bees can be relocated to another area without being harmed. The bees are subdued and calmed so that they will not swarm or attack the pest control personnel and then they are placed within a plastic bag to an orchard or bee farm where their services can be put to good use.

Rodent Infestations

Rodent infestations are often handled with extermination because the rodents can be very persistent about hiding and returning to a place where they know there is food and shelter readily available. Rodents are also very plentiful and can reproduce quickly so if they are not dispatched, the person can have a whole colony of rodents living in their home in a very short period of time. Extermination of the rodents is conducted in a quick and virtually painless way, often involving fast acting poisons or traps that dispatch the creature with a single blow.

Animal Infestations

Having an animal living under your home, under your porch, or in your attic can become a very difficult situation, but this is not generally handled by extermination. The first attempt will be to get the animal to leave on its own and make it impossible for it to get back into the home the way that it has come out. If this is unsuccessful, then the pest control service will attempt to trap the animal so that it can be relocated to a place where it can live out the rest of its days in its natural environment. The only times that extermination is generally used for an animal infestation is when the animal presents a risk of harm to the homeowner, to the family, or to the general neighborhood.