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Nobody likes to have bugs in their homes, especially bugs that could bite you or cause harm. This is why bug control is such an important industry in this country, with manufacturers producing millions of products for bug control each year. Different types of products are used for different things so it is very important to first analyze your problem and then choose the best bug control solution for your needs.

Bug Spray

The most common bug control products used today are bug sprays. There are specific types of bug sprays that can be used on your skin and clothing to keep bugs off of you and bug sprays that can be used around the home to prevent certain types of bugs from entering. Some of the bug sprays kill the bugs upon contact while others simply provide a barrier to repel the bugs away from where they are not wanted. When choosing a bug spray for bug control, it is very important to read the instructions on the back of the packaging to make sure that the bug spray that was chosen will do what you intend for it to do.

Bug Poisons

There are a number of different poisons that can be used for bug control and these are generally used when the situation has gotten a little out of hand. Unlike rodent pest control poisons, most poisons for bug control are not created in small pellets for the bugs to eat. Instead, the most common poisons used create a fog of poisonous gas that penetrate the areas where the bugs are hiding, killing them all in one fell swoop.

Many people do not like to use these types of poisons for bug control unless the problem is serious and there is no other way to kill all of the insects short of hiring an expensive exterminator. The reason is that this method can leave a residue of poison over everything that it comes into contact with and everything will need to be cleaned of this residue before the item is used again. Many people hire a cleaning company to come in after their home has undergone one of these treatments to clean up any bug bodies that they may find and scrub everything down to rid it of the residue.

There are some poisons used for bug control that come in the form of a gel or semi-solid bait hidden in a package that smells irresistible to certain types of insects. A very small percentage of bug species can be tempted with poison bait, but if often takes a period of months to kill the entire colony and many homeowners are unwilling to wait for that long for effective bug control.

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