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Best Time To Fumigate A House Morning Or Afternoon

If you have common household pests like sugar ants, you may want to find a do it yourself pest control method to get rid of them. Exterminators can be hundreds to thousands of dollars, but if you can take the time and effort to use a do it yourself pest control method, you can significantly cut the cost. Even if you use expensive organic pesticide, the price for doing it yourself can still be dramatically less than hiring a professional exterminator to rid you of the pests.

Do It Yourself Pest Control: Sugar Ants

These small ants can be very irritating and annoying to anyone. They seem to creep up out of nowhere and invade your home in seconds. If you leave any piece of food or crumb lying around on your counter, you will wake up in the morning with hundreds of the ants surrounding it. Thankfully though, these are also some of the easiest ants to control and a do it yourself pest control method works wonderfully with sugar ants.

The first step is to bait the inside of your home. Use bait gels or bait stations for this. The most effective ant traps are the liquid traps. In years past, the only ant traps were the ones where the ant brought the food back to the colony. With sugar ants, hundreds of them come out for something sweet, so instead try using a liquid trap that will draw them all out of the colony. While these indoor baits may exterminate an entire colony, they will not prevent other colonies from entering your home. That is why you need to make sure to follow through with the following steps with your do it yourself pest control.

The second step is to spray outside around your home’s foundation. Use a residual insecticide in order to actually repel the ants. It is best to apply a band of protection around your home that is two to three feet wide. Also, make sure that you go up two feet from the foundation and one foot away from the home to ensure maximum protection. In addition to the foundation, you also must treat your window frames and door frames, as these are often point of entries for sugar ants. Spray all pipes, electrical cables, and air conditioners as well as these are also common points of entry for sugar ants, and other pests as well.

The third and final step for do it yourself pest control for sugar ants is to make sure that you also exterminate the ant colonies in your yard. Ants travel constantly and can even forage and search for food hundreds of yards from their nest. The ant activity in your home may not be from a colony in your physical home, but in your yard. If you do not exterminate the nests, it is likely that the ants will find some way back into your home. Treat your grass and mulch areas with a product that holds up well in rain and sun. Also make sure that you use a long lasting product like Maxforce Insect Bait Granules that actually lasts two to three months per application.

If you follow these steps, your do it yourself pest control method for sugar ants should work wonders and keep your house ant free!