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There are some times when a homeowner would not like to have to call a professional exterminator to handle a minor problem in their home. Instead of paying the hundreds of dollars that it would cost to have a professional come in and take care of the issue, many homeowners turn to common home pest control options to rid their home of pests. There are many different home pest control options for a homeowner to choose from and different situations call for different home pest control products.

Rodent Control

There are a number of different home pest control products available for homeowners that would like to get rid of rodents that have invaded their home. One of the most common types of products used for mice and rat control is the snap trap, which quickly springs shut when the rodent takes the bait to dispatch the rodent quickly and humanely. Glue traps may also be used for rodents that prove to be elusive and are very effective when placed in an area that sees a high volume of rodent traffic.

Another home pest control option for people that have rodents in their home is rodent poison. The poison can typically be purchased in pellet form, although there may be some liquid varieties available to the public as well. Poisoning the rodents is not recommended for households that have pets because of the risk of secondary poisoning if the pet eats the rodent that has ingested the poison.

Insect Control

There are many different home pest control products that can be used for getting rid of the insects in the home. Whether the insects have caused an infestation or you are looking to get rid of a few insects that you have seen crawling around, the technique for getting rid of the insects will be basically the same. Many people choose to use an insect spray for their home pest control because it allows the homeowner to target the exact area that they are concerned about and use as much or as little as the situation warrants.

Some people choose to use poisoned bait as their home pest control product of choice. This method is very effective for ant and roach infestations because it kills all of the insects in the colony, but it does take longer to work than using a spray to kill the insects that are in the immediate area. It is important to read the instructions on the back of the packaging to ensure that you are using the product correctly and placing it in the proper area for a maximum kill.

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