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Best Time To Fumigate A House Morning Or Afternoon

One of the most frightening creatures that could invade your home is the tick. These tiny, blood sucking insects could be carrying diseases that could make you very ill and you may not even realize it until you are in the hospital undergoing testing for your symptoms. Tick control is very important to your health and safety, especially in the summer months went more people and animals are outdoors for longer periods of time.


One of the best tick control methods available is prevention. Making the right choices before you head outdoors can ensure that ticks will avoid you just like you would like to avoid them and you will not be bringing them into your home where they can breed and multiply in relative safety. There are a number of different products on the market that can assist you with bug control and the items that are used for tick control should be right along beside them.

If you have a dog, getting them a flea and tick collar before letting them play outside is very important if you would not like the animal to bring these bugs back into the home with them. For people, a good bug spray applied liberally over the bottom half of the body should keep any ticks away while you participate in your outdoor activities. It is important to check yourself for insects before returning indoors to ensure that you are not transporting any bugs into your home.

Ticks In The Home

If you find yourself in the house and you find a tick on you, you should not panic. Tick control techniques are not always 100% effective, so one may break through your defenses to burrow into your skin. If you do find a tick on you, it should be removed carefully with a pair of tweezers and then discarded by flushing down the toilet or squishing it to make sure that it is dead. Ticks should never just be thrown in the trash because it may be able to escape and cause a tick colony in your home.

If you find ticks crawling around in your home, you will need to take measures to make sure that you have killed them all. Many people choose to use a flea and tick powder on the carpets of their home because the powder kills all of the ticks that are in the home and can be easily vacuumed up using a household vacuum cleaner. Other people choose to use a tick control spray which will kill any ticks that are sprayed and create a barrier that will kill any other ticks that cross it.