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Best Time To Fumigate A House Morning Or Afternoon


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Subjecting a home to fumigation is one of the easiest and fastest ways to rid a home of an insect infestation. The chemicals that are used in the process are very effective and can get into areas that other types of home pest control products would not be able to reach. Whether or not to use fumigation to rid your home is a personal decision that has several pros and cons associated with it.

How Fumigation Is Done

Fumigation is a process that can be done by either the homeowner or a trained professional. If the homeowner would like to fumigate the home on their own, they will need to purchase the poison fog that will be used to kill all of the insects that are present in the home. Typically sold as foggers or bug bombs, these products have specific instructions on the label as to how to activate the poison and how many of the units should be used for an area of a particular size.

If the fumigation is being done by professionals, then they will usually place a plastic tent over the home to hold in the poisonous fumes. Then they will pump enough of the poisonous gases into the home to fill every nook, cranny, and hiding places where there may be an insect to be killed. The chemicals used in fumigation are very strong, so it is important that nothing living is in the home except for the insects that the homeowner wants to kill.

Issues Associated With Fumigation

There are a number of different issues that are associated with the fumigation of a home. One of the biggest issues is that the poisonous fumes permeate everything in the home and will take a couple of days to clear out of the home completely. Homeowners that enter the home before it is properly ventilated and breathe in the fumes may become ill from the exposure to the chemicals.

Furniture, fabrics, and curtains that are exposed to the fumigation fumes can hold these chemicals for weeks if not properly cleaned after the treatment. Sometimes the furniture will need to be exposed to the fumes of the fumigation to kill any insects that are lurking within, but when people resume the use of these furniture items, they can become sick from the residue from the poison. Many people hire a cleaning agency to come and detail their home after they have had a fumigation done to clean up any carcasses from the insects as well as wash all of the fabric items in the home to remove the fumes and residue from the treatment.

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