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The Armed Personal Security Industry
March 28th, 2017

Finding The Best Home Security

The age old idea of dual law enforcement, has implemented itself numerous times over the last six years, on the front of newspapers around the world, with pictures of Halliburton and the U.S. Military working together to bring democracy to Iraq.

Here at home the armed personal security business is booming, as government and corporations hire rent-a-cops to guard businesses and their employees. Today in almost every city in America gated communities with armed security guards are very common, but 50 years ago gated communities with armed security guards were only found in Beverly Hills.

People with the money to afford it demand security for their family 24 hours a day. Rather than keep a weapon in their home for armed personal security, that might end up being misused by a child, they live in a gated community that has armed personal security guards.

Armed Personal Security Industry Big Money

Propelled by the public's outcry over crime, the armed personal security industry is one of the top three fastest growing enterprises around the world. Dwarfing the amount of money spent on local police departments; this rapidly growing segment is measured in the trillions of dollars. There are more than 20,000 armed personal security companies located around the world.

Armed Personal Security Industry Regulation

With an industry growing as quickly as this, you can be sure that federal and state regulations are not far behind. National labor statistical experts claim that this relatively new industry will be the largest employer of anybody, in the next decade.

All of this firepower, trained on a public which places its trust in uniformed guards, raises a variety of concerns. The private security industry is largely unregulated; its employees are often poorly trained, underpaid, and inadequately screened.

Most of these security guards are limited to observing, reporting, and attempting to deter crime. They seldom have the right to use force or make an arrest, but the distinction is apt to be lost on most citizens when stopped by a personal security guard who is armed and in uniform.

Armed Personal Security Industry National Rifle Association

The security industry organization has very wisely positioned itself right in the middle between privatization and law and order.

Armed Personal Security Industry Pinkerton

The business of hiring security firms and using them like a private army goes a long way back in our history. Pinkerton, the nation's oldest security firm earned its spurs in the late 19th century when its guards served as a private army for the robber barons who were intent on wiping out the unions. Pinkerton provided the firepower when Ford Frick issued the order to gun down striking workers at Andrew Carnegie's Homestead steel plant in 1892.