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A Few Good Tips On Better Parenting
May 25th, 2017

Parenting Advice: Learn How Imaginative Play Will Benefit Your Child

Staying indoors too often can lead to a lot of fatigue and boredom. It is far better to balance your time at home by taking time to step outside and do some outdoor activities in addition to your indoor ones. This is an important parenting tip and so knows what to say to your children and understanding that the things that you say to your child will affect his or her life – either positively or negatively. It is however a good idea to encourage your children as well as edify them.

Wrong Phrases

The best parenting tip that you ought to try is to try avoids and use phrases such as “listen to me because I am your parent”. Such words will not do anything to help the child understand why he or she must not do something. A child that can understand how or why they are going wrong will profit from his or her parent’s advice. One who does not understand what the parent is saying will make the child regress and this in turn is not conducive to good parenting.

Another common parenting pitfall is comparing the child with another sibling and berating the child to be more like other children. This is being unfair to the child who must be taught to grow up to be positive about them; ill advised parenting remarks such as ‘be more like your brother or sister’ will cause pain in the child’s mind and have a detrimental effect on him or her for the rest of their lives.

Children are usually much concerned about what others feel and think about them; good parenting requires that parents help in building better self-esteem in their children; especially, from a very young age. Some parents also tend to tell their children to pull them together. Such remarks can cause the child to keep from expressing him or she and this can therefore cause sadness in the child which is not the intention of good parenting.

Lastly, bad parenting is also seen when parents threaten to abandon their children if the child does not do this or that. The fear of abandonment can frighten the child and cause improper behavior. Good parenting means not saying things such as these and instead doing everything possible to help the child become more mature and self-confident.

There are also several kinds of parenting advice that parents must give to their children which must helps to encourage the child indulge in imaginative play which is fun for the child and essential to the child’s development and education.

Using good parenting tips can make a real difference between having a child that is confident and self-reliant and one who is a problem child.