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How To Make Survival Shoes


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In this day and age of more and more specialization we now have the ingenious concept of hiking shoes. Those of you 30 years old and older may recognize hiking shoes by their other name, sneakers. Hiking shoes are just sneakers on steroids or just basically sneakers with a few changes to them. To their credit, hiking shoes do have some structural differences between themselves and sneakers that make them slightly discernable. But to be honest I have seen these differences in sneakers over the years. Maybe I am just old fashioned.

Hiking shoes are sneakers made out of durable vinyl and are designed to resist water and to be durable during the activity of hiking. Hiking shoes also have thicker and wider tread on them than your standard sneakers do and this is to allow you better traction when you are casually climbing huge rocks as opposed to really climbing huge rocks in hiking boots. Hiking shoes usually have a couple of layers between the outer vinyl and your foot and that is to protect your feet from the elements. Of course that is provided that the elements cannot find a way to sneak in through the low rider tops of your hiking shoes just like when you jump into puddle with your sneakers and the water gets into your sneakers through the top. Same concept except now it is done with vinyl instead of leather.

They Bring Out The Sportsman In You

Hiking shoes are usually worn by people referred to as mall walkers. These are the people that get there exercise everyday by walking the entire mall a few times right when the mall opens in the morning. Malls love mall walkers because right after they are done walking the mall for their health they usually head straight for the food court. But hiking shoes offer more cushioning that standard sneakers so that is why the mall walkers just love them. Remember though that comfort means nothing if the mall is overrun by zombies and you have to run for your life. Then you will want running shoes.

I suppose that very soon we will have our getting out of bed shoes to replace our slippers because slippers are for walking around the house and not for getting out of bed. Then you will have your going to work shoes because your at work shoes are different. It is getting really hard to keep up with these ever growing categories and I am really going to need my category shoes just to keep up.

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