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Way too often you hear about hikers and campers that head out into the wilderness and they neglect to pack the proper wilderness survival gear believing that getting lost in the wilderness cannot happen to them. Whenever you make plans to head out in to the wilderness you should always assume it can happen to you and make sure you pack wilderness survival gear.

Wilderness survival gear includes things like food and provisions and wilderness survival gear also includes things necessary for either helping you find your way to safety or allowing others to find you.

When packing wilderness survival gear, always make sure you have plenty of small but non-perishable foods and bottled water. You never know when you may find yourself lost and the first thing you will find yourself needing is food and water. Along with the food and water make sure you pack a small tent as part of your wilderness survival gear. Protection from the elements is essential and a tent may just be enough to protect you from the animals that roam the wilderness as they won’t be able to see you and may not be able to pick up your scent through a tent.

High Tech Wilderness Survival Gear

Remember the Timex watches from years ago that had little calculators and videe games on them? Well the Timex company has made huge advances in watch technology and offers a line of watches for hikers that should be part of your wilderness survival gear. These new Timex watches are waterproof, shock proof, have a compass, and even come equipped with a small GPS tracking system that can let you know where you are even when you seem to have no idea. These kinds of timepieces can be the difference between life and death if you find yourself lost in the wilderness.

Even though the chances are very high that you will not get a cell signal out in the wilderness you should always have a cell phone with you when you are heading out into the wilderness because you have no idea when you will need one. And if it works right when you need it then bringing it was the smartest idea you ever had that not only helped you find your way out the wilderness when you were lost but also potentially saved your life right when you felt you needed it the most.

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