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Benefits Of Organic Food Extend Beyond The Dinner Table
March 30th, 2017

Certified Organic Food Consists Of Long Chain Of Requirements

With the continued push by health advocates for more natural growing processes, consumers may question if the benefits of organic food is enough to pay for the increased cost of production. What some may not realize is that the benefits are not only realized by a healthier food product, grown without the need for chemicals, but the growing process is also helping the environment. Without the chemical fertilizers and pesticides going into the ground and eventually into the water supply, some of the far-reaching benefits of organic food is a healthier environment.

In addition to not ingesting many of the chemicals used in traditional growing methods, the ground remains free of these artificial ingredients. Many food producers are finding that a larger group of consumers is demanding healthier food choices and food retailers are also seeing the benefits of organic food products with a growing number of these consumers.

Additionally, the recent push to help save the environment has sparked more interest in not only the way the country uses fossil fuels, but has shown that among the benefits of organic food for the consumer, is the environmental concerns that have been expressed by a smaller group of growers. Pollutants aside, the chemicals used in many growing areas have had an adverse effect on water supplies as well as the condition of the ground and animal life.

Organics Providing Healthier Environment

Consider the plight of many insects that are beneficial to the growing process. Without many of them pollination would not be able to be accomplished. Chemical pesticides are unable to direct their attention to any one group of insects and when used haphazardly, all of the insects in the area are killed. One of the benefits of organic food is the lack of chemical pesticides, allowing growers to use natural products that can be more selective in driving certain insects away while attracting the ones that offer the most benefit.

In addition to providing a healthier environment, the benefits of organic food reach deeper into the health and lifestyle of those using the products. Learning that chemicals can sit in the body for years, unable to be metabolized by natural systems has also helped many people understand the benefits of organic food on the human body. By reducing intake of these products, people are finding better health without sacrificing the taste of the food they enjoy. They are also finding their reliance on vitamins and mineral supplements to be diminished as they food contains most of what they need for a healthier lifestyle.