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Nutritional Value Of Banana Packs One Powerfully Healthy Punch
May 29th, 2017

Bulk Nutrition Is A Great Way To Reach Personal Health Goals

For anyone that is looking for a healthy snack, the banana is a rated one of the best snack choices ever. Considered one of the healthiest fruits in nature, the banana is highly recognized for its undisputed health benefits. When comparing fruit to fruit, none can compare to the nutrition found in the banana.

Healthy Benefits Found In One Of Nature’s Healthiest Fruits

The Banana is low in calories, sodium, fat, and contains a health amount fiber; fiber that assists in lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. High levels of potassium and a measurable amount of magnesium are also found within the nutritional content of the banana.

When analyzing the nutritional content of the banana, it is important to recognize the high level of vitamins and minerals that are found within each one. Vitamins A, a full range of the B vitamins, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, trace amounts of iron and zinc and Folic acid are all found in varying amounts in one banana.

The Nutrients in the Banana Does The Body Good

When examining the nutritional value of the banana, it is important to realize how effective this fruit is in treating many different needs of the human body. The banana is helpful when soothing an upset stomach and provides assistance when a person is struggling with diarrhea.

The high level of vitamin B and most importantly the B6 vitamin is a natural way to curb problems associated with premenstrual symptoms.

Bananas are known to offer almost immediate relief to the individual that is suffering from a hangover. Combine fresh bananas, milk, non-fat frozen yogurt and honey to create a milkshake; this healthy combination will ease the headache, hydrate the body and give a nutritional kick start to a slow moving morning.

Increase The Daily Intake Of Bananas To Get Optimum Health Benefits

The impressive nutritional value of the banana is only complemented by the naturally small package in which it is wrapped. These tiny golden treasures are popular when packed in school lunches, for hiking trips and on bike rides, providing a healthy pick-me-up with little sugar or calories. Recently, an innovative entrepreneur invented a plastic banana shaped form that protectively holds a single banana, prevents them from bruising, getting smashed or discolored. This innovative new product has only increased the popularity in this favorite fruit, making it possible to pack inside backpacks, lunch sacks and bike packs without cause for concern or damage to the fruit.