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March 30th, 2017

Ways to Make your MySpace Page Work for You

One of the most popular websites in the world could become your new social planner. Known as a social networking website where friends meet, MySpace.com has upwards of 100 million members with roughly 200,000 new members joining daily. Just imagine the social possibilities with all these people! The company, which is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, is owned by the News Corporation (also the owner of the Fox Network).

In addition to being one the top places in cyberspace to chat online, hook up with single people, match your friends up with other friends, stay in contact with your long-distance family members, network with like-minded business people, find potential study partners, or look for long-lost friends, you can also find the coolest hangouts in your MySpace backyard. The Events Section of MySpace provides an arena for MySpace users to post various events throughout the United States. You could even arrange to meet some of your new or long lost friends at these MySpace-advertised events!

You can reach the Events Section of MySpace via the company’s homepage. Simply find the Events link along the top toolbar. A MySpace membership isn’t necessary in order to view the Events calendar. Once there, you will find a listing of the MySpace Featured Events. Today, the featured events include Turkeylicious, a MySpace-sponsored event to be held at the Elysium Lounge in Detroit, Michigan, and an after-Thanksgiving Megaevent, Family Affair 2006, to be held in Los Angeles, California. For each featured event, you can view the related profile page, including the organizer’s email information and event address. There is also a place to leave comments about the event, although this feature doesn’t appear to be taken very seriously based on the comments left for Turkeylicious and Family Affair 2006. You can also view MySpace members who plan on attending the event.

The MySpace Events Section also allows you to search for events based on location or date. You can also hunt for events based on event type"MySpace categorizes events into such groups as Arts and Culture, Band Shows, Clubs and DJs, Models and Fashion, MySpace Parties, Sports and Recreation, and Politics and Activism. A listing of upcoming events also runs on the bottom of the Events Section page.

The MySpace Events Section also features a spot for you to keep track of your events"either those you are attending or those you are hosting. You can maintain a calendar, view your event invites, post an event, and create a new event. Use of these features does require you to become a member of MySpace, however, which is a free service.

It is important for you to be aware of the risks involved when meeting strangers (even those who have become friends) in person who you’ve met virtually. So far, seven men have been arrested in conjunction with a rape and robbery that took place when a woman planned a meeting with the men she had met on the MySpace website. While it may sound like a great idea to plan a meeting at an event advertised on MySpace, be sure to take adequate precautions. If possible, attend all events with another trusted person in a safe location. Many of the events listed advertise drinking, strippers, and an excess of female company. Make sure you are aware of the type of event you are attending.

MySpace is a panacea for virtual socialites, offering options for meeting new friends, chatting with like-minded folks, and finding events to attend. If you want to know what’s going on in your own MySpace backyard, the Events Section on MySpace is the place to be.