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May 29th, 2017

What do you talk About in Music Chat Rooms

As celebrities musicians are often in the public eye. This means that sometimes things they say or do can be misconstrued or misreported. Sometimes they are even done so purposely to create publicity like the Paul McCartney is dead hoax. Other times things that are reported may seem nothing but a rumor but turn out to be true like the events surrounding the truth about Milli Vanilli and the fact that they were not singing on their own records.

Many believed that Roy Orbison was blind. The dark glasses that he wore when he preformed proved this to them. The true story is that he wore prescription glasses and before a concert in Alabama, he accidentally left them on the plane. All he had with him were his prescription sunglasses, and so he wore those on stage. As he was touring he had no opportunity to get new ones so he continued to wear what he had. By the time the concerts were over, with the amount of media coverage he received, they had become a trademark.

How many people have heard the story that Cass Elliot died when she choked on a ham sandwich? The story has several similar themes some saying it was a ham sandwich or a chicken leg or even a chicken sandwich that was responsible for the death in 1974 of the Mama and Papas singer. But they are not true. People believed them because she had spent too many years fighting her weight gain, something that she was not really very good at. There was a sandwich, ham for sure, that was found on the bed beside where she died. At first the police concluded that this might have been a factor in her death. But later it was concluded that she died from a heart attack having a weak heart caused by her excessive weight.

Many people have listened to the sweet song Puff the Magic Dragon. This folk song sung by Peter, Paul and Mary has gone through its own set of absurd rumors and all because of the time the song was sung. The assumption was that the hippies were singing about drugs, specifically about smoking marijuana. The little boy that the story is about, Jackie Piper is said to be a reference to rolling papers. While the place he loved, Honah Lee, turns into a place in Hawaii where the ground is fertile and the marijuana would grow well. The truth is a young man attending college, who wistfully saw his childhood, wrote the song, his youth, flying passed him. Students were not even smoking marijuana when the song was written.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had similar rumors surrounding it. The story here is that a young Julian Lennon, son of John, brought home a picture to show his father and that is what he told him it was about. Lennon and McCartney claimed to have not noticed the initials. Years later they did agree that some of their songs were about drugs, but that this one had been inspired solely by a young boy’s drawing.

Gene Simmons, singer for KISS, has an unusually long tongue and uses it to get the crowd going at their concerts. Due to the abnormal length of it rumors began to circulate that he had surgery to attach part of a cow’s tongue to his own. This was ridiculous because at the time he was performing, the 1970s, there was not medical technology that could possibly have accomplished such a thing. As well, his tongue does not look like a cow’s, but merely like a long human tongue.