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Motivating yourself to do something can be difficult. Whatever it is that you need to get yourself to do, it takes work. It can be challenging to get your self in the mood to tackle large tasks or jobs. Breaking down your jobs into smaller steps, keeping track of your chores and building a sound support system are just a few ways to stay motivated. The next time you find yourself challenged for motivation, try the following suggestions.

If you set goals, you will find it is easier to motivate yourself. Maybe you are trying to loose weight or exercise more. Maybe your ultimate goal is to organize you house. Whatever it is, set goals, and make sure to write them down. By seeing your goals written down in a list, it may be easier for you to tackle one at a time. Sometimes big goals will take small steps to reach the end. As you complete one goal you can then cross it off your list. Seeing what you have accomplished will help you stay motivated to keep working towards your goal.

In order to stay motivated, try to get excited about your goals or job that you need to accomplish. Washing all the windows in the house or doing twelve loads of laundry certainly does not sound exciting, but think about the positives. Think about how accomplishing those goals will set your mind at ease and leave you free to do the things you really want to do. Focus on the feeling that the end result will give you and work towards that. If you are trying to stop smoking, keep in mind how much money you will save on cigarettes or how much better you will smell when you do not smoke. With those ideas in mind, it is easier to stay focused on your goals.

Find what you love to do and try to incorporate that in accomplishing your goals. Maybe that laundry is not what you love, but some good music can get you going. Or perhaps, losing weight is difficult, but you know you love walking the dog for exercise. Knowing what motivates you is the key to keep you going when you are working towards a certain goal.

When you are challenged in motivating yourself, try to build a support system. Your friends, family and supportive co-workers can all help you stay motivated. Surround yourself with those that can give you pep talks and talk you through the rough times. You can even check into web-based communities that can offer you a lot of support while trying to reach your goals.

Another good idea for keeping yourself motivated for a task is to set a timetable. Take steps to accomplish certain parts of your job in a certain amount of time. If you need to clean out the closet, you may not be able to do it in only one day, but you can do it in small steps. Maybe go through all the clothes in one day and go through the shoes the next day. By setting a timetable and sticking to it, you are less likely to become overwhelmed when you have a big task ahead of you.

In addition, when you are feeling challenged and need motivation, think about the future. Consider how you would feel later in your life if this particular goal is never reached. Is this something that you feel strongly about accomplishing for your life's goals? While cleaning out the closet may not affect your life long-term, maybe getting those boxes of pictures organized will. Perhaps you will feel like a failure if you never finish writing that novel or never get your degree. When you think about your goals long-term, you are more likely to feel motivated to accomplish your goals.

Last of all, it is important to reward yourself after you have accomplished you goals. If you lose twenty pounds, reward yourself with a new dress or pair of jeans. After you spend weeks getting your house organized, celebrate by having company over. It does not matter what you choose to reward yourself with, but knowing that something good waits for you after a long task will help you focus and stay motivated requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 6:39:29 AM