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There are times in life when you will be staring disaster right in the eye. These are the times to either run away and tuck your head under a rock or use your situation as a motivational tool. When you are working with a group of people, it is even more important for someone to step up when struck with a disaster and motivate the group to go on. This may occur in your workplace or even in your family life. The motivator role is one that can be filled by different people at different times. If you are overdue to take on the role, consider learning these three ways to motivate in the face of disaster, just in case the opportunity presents itself. You will be ready to be the group motivator when you learn what to do beforehand.

Be Confident

The most important thing you can do during a disaster to motivate people is to present yourself in a confident manner. If you are at work and your team is about to lose a major deal for the company, just remain confident that everything will get done in time. With you putting off that confident vibe, your other team members will be able to stress less and get more productive. When they are working without the stress they will be able to accomplish more and you will likely meet that deadline. If you stress out yourself, everyone will waste time worrying and not working.

If you are at home and have a natural weather disaster or a family crisis, you will need to motivate your family just as you motivate your co-workers. Your family will need someone to be confident that no matter what happens, everything will work out. If a fire damages your home, be confident that you will find another place to stay while the home is repaired. If you are faced with a family death, show how confident you are that healing will begin and everyone will be able to deal with the death eventually. When disaster hits at home, it can be difficult to stay confident. Even if you are not confident, just pretend to be so your family will be motivated to move on and heal.

Lead by Example

A great way to show people that motivation can help a situation that could be disastrous is to lead by example. Show co-workers that even if you are having a work disaster that you will continue to do the best job you can. By voicing what needs to be done and by actually doing it yourself, you will be able to motivate them to do the same. When a team is lead by example they are strong and more productive. The same can be done at home. If your spouse has lost their job and you need to cut back on unnecessary spending, show your family you are dedicated to the task by not taking your weekly manicure.

Turn Up the Positive Attitude

It is proven that people can be motivated when influenced by a positive attitude. Ignoring the potential disaster is not a great idea. You can discuss it and be clear about what could happen if necessary. However, after the discussion, you should put it aside and get on with life in a positive way. Talk with positive dialogue and smile a lot. By showing that despite everything you will be positive, you will in turn influence those around you to be positive as well. When you have a positive attitude you will accomplish more than others with a less than positive attitude. Be sure not to overdo the positive attitude to the point where people don't take you seriously however. Practice adding just enough of a positive outlook to your normal attitude.

Use these three things when you are staring at disaster and want to motivate those around you. You might be surprised to know that while you are trying to motivate those around you, you will be motivated yourself. Concentrate on these three tips and remember to apply them in difficult situations. Remember that there will still be people who need to worry or grieve in order to get through situations. But, there will also be many people who are motivated by your confidence, leadership, and positive attitude

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