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Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds, exercise more to get in better shape or to get your house organized, the key to motivation is creating a sense of purpose. Without having a sense of purpose, motivation is difficult. Without a purpose, your goals are not clear and your end result that you are working towards will be harder to reach. Many different things may motivate a person, but the reason why they are motivated is usually because they have some sort of purpose.

Some sort of goals, incentives or even the character of the person is usually what motivates a person to do what he or she does. One person may be motivated, or strive, to get good grades because they need a high GPA, while another person may be motivated to earn high marks because they will get money from a parent. Everybody is motivated by something different. That is the same for any kind of goal. Someone may want to lose weight because their high school reunion is around the corner, while another may want to shed those extra pounds to feel better.

Oftentimes, when a person creates a firm sense of purpose, or a clear reason, then the end result is easier to reach. Clear goals and understanding why you want to motivate yourself can often be the easiest way to get motivated to do nearly anything. When you get ready to work on accomplishing a goal and understand your purpose for doing so, it will help you achieve you goal. Think about what motivates you and then you can easily find ways to help yourself along the way. Make a list of small things that you could use for motivation. These could be rewards or incentives that could range from a new book to a new dress.

There are a few key tips on how creating a sense of purpose can help you motivate yourself. When you do not feel motivated to do something, you can create a sense of purpose by thinking of want you want to achieve. It could be something very small, such as washing your car, or something much bigger, such as buying a new house. Whatever your idea is, you need to have a clear purpose in mind. Perhaps your purpose for accomplishing this goal is to better yourself, many it will improve the lives of others or maybe it is a way to be more efficient or make more money. Your purpose is an important way to motivate yourself.

Another way to keep your purpose in mind and to keep yourself motivated is to write a list or journal of goals that will help you reach your end result. If you want to exercise more, perhaps keeping a journal of what kind of exercise you do and how long will help you keep a clear picture in your mind. Your motivation and purpose could be spurred each day by looking at your exercise log. If you are trying to reach a large goal, such as losing twenty pounds, you will start by making small changes each day. These small changes are your goals that will lead you to your successful weight loss.

Rewarding yourself for reaching your small goals along the way is another great motivational tool. After you have thought about your purpose for wanting to do something, think about what you would enjoy as a reward. Often, small rewards can motivate and help make your end goal easier to accomplish.

Having a clear purpose for an end result gives you the clarity you need to become motivated. Without this clarity, motivation is near impossible to achieve. Understanding purpose which means, who, what, where and why of your motivation gives you the key confidence needed to meet your goals.

In addition, without a clear purpose, your motivation will sag when your work becomes difficult. You lose sight of why you are doing whatever it is that you are striving to accomplish. You can easily give up and you no longer have in sight what your end result can or will be. Understanding your goals, your reason for what you are working for all creates a clear sense of purpose. This makes motivating yourself so much easier and will help you reach your mission much faster and easier than without a clear purpose

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