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Honoring Your Mother On Motherís Day
May 29th, 2017

Motherís Day Card Ė Honoring Mom

There is the term that goes like this, ďThe hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.Ē It is true around the world that mothers play important roles in our lives. After all, they have to bear the pains of childbirth to bring us to this life here on earth after 9 months of carrying us. We need to honor our mothers on Motherís day. How do we do that? We can buy our mothers little gifts that they will like on Motherís day to show our appreciation and not to take our mothers for granted. We can also design and draw pictures to create our very own customized motherís day card with words of love and gratitude. It is our mother who brought us up to be the successful adults we are today. If not for her care and concern, we will not be where we are.

Loving our Mothers

We need to love our mothers not only on Motherís day, but every day while they are alive and healthy. We can do this by helping in doing the household chores, treating our mothers some nice restaurant food once in a while and hugging them occasionally. In the Bible, it is mentioned that we ought to honor our parents so that our lives may be prolonged. Thatís right Ė we will live right to a ripe old age without any sickness or disease when we learn how to honor our mothers, not only on Motherís day. By loving our mothers, we are following the God mandated commandment in the Bible.

Our Mothers Brought us up

When we were born and still need much help, it was our mothers who nurtured us, feeding us, cleaning our diapers, bathing us and putting us to sleep for months until we can learn to do this ourselves and no longer need diapers. Our mothers taught us right from wrong because all children do foolish things and do not have a sense of right behavior. When we are sick, our mothers brought us to see the doctor and paid for the medical bills. When we were young and could not read, our mothers make sure we go to kindergarten and then to school and university to be educated so that we can learn to earn a living on our own and be independent. Hence, it is so important that we return the favor by honoring our mothers on Motherís day. Without our mothers, we wonít be here today in the first place.