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April 24th, 2017

The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book

The purpose of ebook is to educate, instruct and inform loan officers and mortgage brokers about one of the most misunderstood mortgage in America.

Pros: ebook can teach loan officers how to sell the Pay Option Arm. This is a greatly misunderstood option. Once a loan officer or a mortgage broker masters the basics of it, they can make a great deal more money without having to increase their client base.

Gary Inerson said, "Andrew has taken the most misunderstood mortgage in America and simplified the details so any Loan Officer can master selling this terrific product. Option Arms are not going away and this book will teach you how they work and what makes each one different. This E-book will give you the opportunity to rise above your competition and solidify your income." Mr. Inerson should know what he is talking about because he owns a mortgage company himself.

ebook is a must read for all loan officers!

Cons: There are no cons for ebook. The 56 day guarantee of satisfaction removes all risk for the consumer.

Guarantee: There is a 56 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee offered with ebook. If the customer is not completely satisfied, his money will be refunded without any hassle.

Value for money: ebook is packed with such hard to find information that the book is a great value for the price.

Where to buy: The Mortgage Joint