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March 28th, 2017

The Bankruptcy Mortgage Book

The Purpose of .org is to provide those who have had past financial and credit difficulties get a second chance for loans.

Pros: Many times people who aren't deadbeats but rather decent and honorable people can find themselves in financial difficulties through no fault of their own. A long illness buy the main bread winner can cause financial distress as can the illness of a child or the loss of a job. Once people get past these life road blocks, they find that they have a lot of black marks against them in their credit reports and that because of these black marks, they can't secure a loan to buy a car or a mortgage to buy a home.

That's where .org comes in. Membership in the .org website gives members access to lenders who are willing to give them a second chance, make a loan and help them to begin rebuilding their credit rating.

One happy customer said, "In just a few minutes after joining, we were contacting several lending companies to receive our auto loan!" Another happy customer said, "I couldn't believe it when I found a company who would finance my vacation! This really works!"

Cons: The interest rates charged by the participating lenders are above the national average.

Guarantee: The only guarantee that .org makes is that there are no hidden fees. Nothing more than the $25 membership fee will even be charged and the membership is good for life.

Value for money: The price of the $25 dollar membership seems reasonable and of value since the membership lasts a lifetime.

Where to buy: Website