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How To Shrink A Wart

One of the problems that we have in many areas of the world is a lack of iodine in the soil. This is a problem that many people are unaware of but it is something that causes a variety of different problems for us, such as thyroid problems and goiters. As a matter of fact, there is an area in the United States where the soil is so depleted of iodine that goiters happen on a regular basis. This area is known as the goiter belt. Did you realize, however, that iodine may actually be a cure for skin tags?

Skin tags are benign growths on the skin and they are actually classified as being a tumor. They are not a tumor that you need to worry about and in most cases they are not going to cause any problems at all. There may be times whenever you want to get rid of the skin tags because they are in an area of the body that is constantly being rubbed by your clothing. They may also be publicly visible so they are a cosmetic issue. Regardless of why you want to get rid of them, you may be able to use iodine to remove them off of your body.

You should begin by applying iodine to the skin tag on a nightly basis and if possible, doing so anywhere from three to four times a day. Try to avoid getting an over-the-counter iodine from the drugstore as some of these may be somewhat poisonous to the body. There are several different natural sources of iodine on the Internet where you can purchase purified iodine that is good for you.

There are two different benefits that you are going to get by applying this iodine to your skin tags daily. First of all, the skin tag is eventually going to disappear as a result of using the iodine, even though it may take several months to do so. Secondly, the iodine is going to be absorbed through the skin and it is going to supplement something that may be severely lacking in your body.

Even after the skin tags are gone and you may want to consider taking iodine regularly for your health. Not only can it help you to feel better, it may actually be able to treat you to the point where you do not have a problem with additional skin tags at all.