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March 30th, 2017

The World Renown Crawfords Metal Detectors

Australia is a large country with a lot of treasure in the ground. Many people like to prospect and there are many companies that manufacture metal detectors in Australia. One metal detector from Australia is the Minelab Company. These are expensive detectors but they are also very good at finding gold. They are sold also in the US and many people either own one or wish they owned one. Minelab makes many different models of metal detectors from the Minelab Explorer series to the Commander series and others in between. A great company with a great metal detector.

Another metal detector from Australia is the MPI Company’s metal detector. The Safeline brand from MPI is a quality detector that is tested thoroughly before it is shipped. They make sure that the dealer won’t have any problems with non working machines and strive to keep the dealers customers happy. The customers who use Safeline detectors are mostly in the food and drug industries. They can detect the finest pieces of stainless steel that the human eye would never notice. Manufacturers use these detectors to catch the tiny particles which if not caught, might lead to a law suit targeted at the manufacturer.

Another metal detector from Australia is from the Seton Australia Company. They have a detector that is hand held and called the Polifer Hand Held Metal Detector. The Polifer is advertised to find metal without fail. It is swept across a bag or a person’s body. When it detects the presence of metal it makes both a sound and the red led lights up. To learn more about the detector, it is model number A19436 and costs around four hundred dollars for one and less when buying in bulk.

One more metal detector from Australia is the Tectron Company. These are made for industrial use and can either be purchased already made or they can be custom made to a customers needs. Made in Australia, these are high quality machines that are guaranteed to work every time. All they make is metal detectors and they are good at it. Since it’s all they do, they have to be right every time. Their livelihood depends on it.

There are metal detectors that cover almost any type of need in Australia and these are not all of them. The best way to search for them is to search on the internet. Be specific for what a person is looking for or there will be thousands of responses to have to look through.