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May 29th, 2017

The World Renown Crawfords Metal Detectors

When someone goes outside to go to work or wherever they may go, it is now common to see people wearing headphones while listening to an mp3 player. People everywhere in most countries do this. Why do people use the headphones? The number one answer is privacy and the ability to wash out any background noises.

The same holds true for people who own metal detectors. When searching for gold or other valuables, people want privacy because they don’t want other people crowding them wondering what is about to be pulled out of the ground. They also want to target exactly where the object is and it can be harder to hear with all of the background noise.

Detector Pro metal detector headphones are some of the best made. They have a full line of headphones that are made specifically for using the detector a person has. The first metal detector headphone in the Detector Pro series is the rattler headphone. The rattler blocks out all of the noise in one ear but leaves the other ear open with the ability to hear dangerous reptiles or even people walking behind the person. This gives the person wearing the metal detector headphones confidence while using the detector.

More About Metal Detector Headphones

Another metal detector headphone that is popular is the Sunray Pro Gold headphones. They are made well and will last for years. They can be purchased by any store that sells Sunray products. The cost for these top of the line headphones is around one hundred ten dollars. This is a higher than average cost but offers a higher quality than most.

Another metal detector headphone that is unique with a user friendly volume control is the Killer Bees dual volume control. The dual volume control is for people who may not here the same in both ears. Each ear can have its own volume level that makes detecting much easier and comfortable. Someone who has regular metal detector headphones but can’t hear equally means that a person probably has one ear louder so that they can hear out of both ears.

There are a lot of different metal detector headphones on the market and they can be as low as twenty dollars to over one hundred dollars. The best set of metal detector headphones is the set that feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt the ears of a person. When the headset can stay on the head and doesn’t distract a person, they have the right headset for them.