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May 27th, 2017

The Mind outside the Mind

According to statistics the deviant in mental health is always, the professionals since these people are striving to submit their patients to the so-called norms. The so-called norms are said to be people that conform to a standard set of rules, and often believe similar in contrast. This means that everyone is everyone else and few are who they really are. Mental health is overrated in many instances. For example, if a counselor believes one way he or she will not falter at the voices of the patient's belief. If the patient believes that he or she is physically ill and the counselor see no evidence of the claim, the professional will often take for advantage that the patient is ill. However, if the patient goes to the doctor, tests are run, and then the who is the deviant. The game of cat and mouse is always played in mental health and mental illness since everyone wants to be right. Is it any wonder mental illnesses are increasing and counselors are sitting in their comfortable chairs trying to figure out what is going on? Anyone that goes to a mental health professional is almost certain to receive an instant diagnose. The intake worker alone will evaluate a patient searching for evidence that complies with the Insurance coverage. They will then ship the patient over to a therapist and possibly onto a psychiatrist. The chain never ends. Too many times when patients visit a therapist the professional will take for advantage that he or she is educated and the patient is a misfit. They often will talk, but listening is minimal. First, it takes years if not a lifetime to treat a patient with paranoid schizophrenia, and most times the patients are covered with Medicaid/Medicare and neglected throughout the course of treatment. Mental health experts are in constant battle trying to find answers too many questions. Today there are experts admitting that listening to the patient is proving more fruitful. It is time we all look at the problems going on in the world and start taking it more serious, rather than disregarding the problems. It is a shame that too many mentally ill patients are sitting in jail, simply because someone did not listen and no one did anything toward finding a resolve.
Mental illness as defined is a series of minds that manufacture behaviors that are reworked copies of a social existence. According to studies, the behaviors of mental ill patients often infringe on the so-called normal society. One of the most common traits in mental illnesses according to professionals is denial. Here is where we stop. Denial > Mentally Ill > When a counselor makes a mistake in many cases they put the blame on the patient or faulty teachings. Few rarely take responsibility for their wrong. Political > When the leaders of the world make mistakes they often search the world for someone else to blame....Religion > When religious leaders are persecuted or else wrong, many find a way to blame the victims or candidates involved. When society makes mistakes, they often find someone else to blame. When the law makes mistakes in most cases, it's always someone else's fault. Denial…I think you better taking a deeper look at who is in denial, since patients sitting across from a professional asking for help are admitting there is a problem.
There are many areas we can review, but the deviant is not always sitting across the room looking into the eyes of a mentally ill person. We can also look closer at the so-called norms of society and see they have their own set of problems. If we all conform to a set of beliefs that has proven failure, what makes the person (s) think they are mentally stable. If people are sitting down letting everyone around them control their lives and rarely standing up for their own beliefs…who says they are mentally stable. Mental illnesses go deeper than many are aware, since nearly everyone in the world is suffering some type of abnormal behavior copied from other behaviors. Someone else influences everyone; therefore, we all lost our values and morals somewhere along the way