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Mental Disorders That Make You Hallucinate


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Understanding mental illness can help us help loved ones recover from their suffering. Although it is not possible to completely understand since even scientist is often baffled, it is possible to have a basic understanding. Understanding mental health and trauma can also help us to learn more about mental illnesses. The problem starts at the door with the mental health experts. They often start out diagnosing the patient upfront, and lay out a series of diagnosis that will cover medical cost on insurance. The next step is finding the diagnosis that insurance will cover if long-term treatment is needed. As you can see upfront that, the patient is already headed for additional problems, since money is the primary issue when it comes to mental health. The patient is the last to know in many cases that he or she just stepped into a web of financial issues and entrapment treatment. In other words the patient could be diagnosed with Axis 1: Depression: Axis II: Bipolar: Axis III: Physical problems: Axis IV: Psychotic Episodes: Axis V: suicidal with serious interrupted symptoms surrounding the cause. This is obviously a serious complaint and insurance will often consider coverage since the patient is a hazard. After they are interview by an intake therapist, they are often shifted to the next level, therapy. After the therapist evaluates the patient sorting through the intakes information and watching the patient for signs or traces of symptoms related, the next level the therapist uses is diagnosing the patient with a mental disorder that complies with coverage. Most patients are diagnosed properly however, few are incorrectly diagnosed. The next level is visiting the psychiatrist who will then administer medications to treat the patient, since more money is involved they must understand what Medicaid or other insurance polices will cover. The patient is then subject to a therapist and a psychiatrist that believes they know more than the patient does. In regards to psychological disadvantages this is true, however if the patient was willing to do some research he or she might have more an advantage over the professionals since they are informed. Once they understand what symptoms are in the different diagnosis, they can then help the counselor and doctor understand more about their suffering. The best solution then is to research the diagnose that the therapist placed on you to see if this is what you are going through. Study the symptoms carefully weeding out any elements of the diagnose that may not involve you. After you have weeded through the rumble, the next step is sitting down with your therapist and letting them know that you took steps in your own recovery. You have evaluated the many diagnoses, including the diagnoses the therapist issued, and found that there are elements missing or there are elements of the diagnose that was overwrought. After you discuss with your therapist the potentials or the elements of the diagnose that was misunderstood you both can then work toward reaching an overall view of what is really go on in your life. It is important that you take notes if you have difficulty staying focused, or if you lack education, you might want to get a love one to help you with the research, notes and discussing the problem with your therapist. When we know what is going on, and what we are dealing with inside...This is a part of understanding the problem and how it connects to the people around you is if you understand what is going on within your mind, and then you can explain this to your friends and loved ones, helping them to understand. After we see where the problem lies we can then move onto the next step and start accepting that there is a problem. Dealing with the problems is your next step, which takes understanding. If you do not have understanding then the problem will only regress. Tell your loved ones and friends that you are working toward treatment and it would be helpful if they too work with you to help you find a recovery in your mental health problems. If there is no recovery, then they can work with you, understanding that you will have symptoms erupt from time to time and they will know which step to take to helping you cope

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