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Mental Disorders That Make You Hallucinate


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What are you may ask? Somatoform Disorders are ailments of the mind where the symptoms primarily target the patients' fear of disease, medical problems, body, and so forth. Most Somatoform patients share similar traits including physical warning signs without explanation and mental symptoms that insinuate that the physical elements of the disorder are related to the psychological patterns of the mind. Somatoform patients are often difficult to diagnose since there are other related symptoms in both physical and mental areas that need explored also. Multiple Sclerosis is one example that is closely related to Somatoform Disorders, yet the symptoms alter in various areas. Most patients before they have been diagnosed or believed to have Somatoform must subject his or her self to a series of Medicinal tests completed before the diagnose Somatoform is issued. Some symptoms of this type of disorder may include medical problems that may or may not exist, (long-term), history of not being able to function emotionally, sociably, and so forth. Symptoms may also include inconsistencies and/or unclear complaints of psychical illnesses, as well as physical symptoms that include nausea, diarrhea, joint aches, and so forth. Often the Somatoform patients are attention getters, and often abuse substances, while they manipulate others, and depend on others commonly. Somatoform may or may not have additional disorders including histrionic and/or antisocial disorders. One example of a Somatoform Disorder is the Hypochondriasis. Often Hypochondriasis suffers from fear that may include health. For example, a Hypochondriasis may constantly complain about symptoms that may or may not exist, as well as worry about illnesses that may or may not occur. This type of patient may worry about contact with diseases also. (Note: This is why it is difficult to determine the diagnose of Somatoform without doing extensive study. OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive disorder patients will also worry about diseases or contacting diseases and will repeatedly wash their hands, and often avoid taking out the trash. The obsession comes into play when the patient refuses, or illustrates an extreme fear against some action and if forced to so the patient may become aggressive, or even violent to avoid the task. Compulsive is the same as obsessive almost since the patient will often compel against actions that may cause disease.)
One example of Somatoform can be seen as follow: The patient goes to the doctor and argues regardless of what the doctor says that no disease is existing. The patient may argue that the diseases are underdeveloped or tests have not been conducted to detect the disease. Obviously, the doctor has done every test available and found nothing, but the patient refuses to believe that a disease does not exist. Another type of Somatoform is the Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), which consists of anxiety and depression, as well as OCD traits, and assumed medical conditions that often do not exist. The patient often will argue that the body is malformed, and will often disregard reassurance. This type you could argue for hours with and never get anywhere. The most of these types of disorders are new discoveries and not a lot of information is available to help us understand the patients and the symptoms of the diagnoses. Scientist for years has found new disorders that are stumping them everyday. The best solution for helping these types of people is to get immediate treatment since most of these people have dangerous traits included in Somatoform. Antisocial, OCD and Histrionic, and each of these diagnoses may include violent behaviors. Histrionics, Antisocial and gradually over a course of time OCD will kill if triggered. Therefore, the diagnosis may be limited with information regarding the symptoms, but if Antisocial, OCD and Histrionic are included, series studies and help are needed in treating these patients. Note: Scientist claim ending Antisocial Behaviors before they start can provide a healthy and stable environment for the patient and family. However, Antisocial Disorders (Known as Conduct Disorders before the age of 18) are said to be hereditary, which I believe an over the first theory and Antisocial Disorders only escalate to deadly circumstances. Regardless of the symptoms whether dangerous or not a person should always get an evaluation to determine the cause

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