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Mental Disorders That Make You Hallucinate


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Situational management in mental health is relating to patients appropriately to find the source of the problem, as well as finding a solution to fix the problem. Disabilities come in all forms, including schizophrenia, posttraumatic stress, bipolar, depression, and multiple personality and so on. When a person has a mental disability we must always seek out the problems that lay beneath the surface of the diagnose. Each disability has its own unique symptoms, yet may include symptoms of other diagnosis. For example, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder has symptoms including flashbacks and nightmares; likewise, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) (Currently Known as Dissociate Identities) patients often suffer flashbacks and nightmares as well. Therefore, you must look at all symptoms of each diagnose before concluding or deducing what we are dealing with. Schizophrenia is another complicated disability. Psychotics, Schizophrenia and several other types of diagnoses including different types of schizophrenia often have similar symptoms. For example, schizophrenias often hallucinate, and so will a patient with psychosis. The difference in the diagnose is that schizophrenias often have its own symptoms, and are often more extensive than those with psychosis. We can see from this information then that we need a situational management solution in order to deal with each problem in the various diagnoses.
Looking at Schizophrenia the situational management should be as follow: Schizophrenias should automatically receive medications to prevent further complications, including harming self and others. Schizophrenias often need long-term therapeutic treatment, and management of their life. Often these people cannot find a resolve since Schizophrenia is often permanent due to the lack of knowledge on the complicated purpose of the disability. Psychotics are often difficult to treat as well, since little information is available regarding the problem. Psychotics are another type of disability that needs long-term treatment and medications to avoid further complications. When the two go unnoticed, the result could prove disastrous, since the symptoms are often a potential danger. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is also complicated, since at one time the diagnose was only issued to war survivors. Now studies are proving that Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is extended further than war, and found that many persons today suffer from Posttraumatic Stress. Although the diagnose has its own complications the therapist often has to take another route to treat these patients. They often include medications, but sometimes have to take a different approach in therapy to treat the patients. Since posttraumatic stress has different levels, the situational management solution has to conform to the level of posttraumatic stress. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a diagnosis in itself and is not related to strict mental illness; rather it is more a neurological issue. Multiple Personality patients are often brilliant, and very observant, simply because amnesia will carry them to a distant part of the brain. Multiple Personality Disorder is complicated in the sense very few understand the complexity of the disorder. To treat this type of diagnose you will need a direct management with extensive skills. The person that is suffering with this disability is often easier to treat those common disabilities, simply because the patient will often submit to the therapeutic treatment, and the only time it becomes extremely dangerous is through the Integration process. This is because the patient will relive extreme trauma through Projections and can become dangerous since the person might harm his or her self. The Projections are an actual event that took place that included trauma, and the pictures are often real-based making it difficult for the patient to decipher. Often at this level, the person will alter and another personality will take the spot. This diagnose is another long-term treatment, and medications will often cause more harm than good. Bipolar is another widespread disability that is affecting millions everyday. This particular disability can be treated with medicines that reconstruct a particular chemical that is absent from the brain. Regardless of what the disability is the patient must be treated distinctly from other patients. Even if a person has bipolar, the symptoms are not always the same in ever case. For example, one person may have suffered childhood abuse, while another has suffered the loss of a family member, obviously the first person will also need situational management that includes trauma reduction remedies requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 6:57:37 PM