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May 27th, 2017

Sharper Mind -How to Sharpen You Short Term Memory

The memory is a vital piece of our mind. However, there are times that you may find yourself questioning whether or not your memory is all, that great. If you find yourself doing this, it's normal, since over the years, our minds tend to get a little rusty and it is up to us to prime it up. To help you had better understand the importance of your mind, I have created a description of how the short-term memory works…

The memory is like a waterfall, at times the memories flow in gently strides and at other times the memories rush in fast depending on how much water is up stream. In this case, I am comparing my memory to waterfall. If you have trouble remembering things then you are the memories that gently flow in and if you are someone that has problems, remembering things and you practice everyday to sharpen your memory you are the memories that rush in.

At what time memories start to come back to you, you will have the chance to shut them out or allow them in. As my personal suggestion, I think that you should allow the good and bad ones in. If you shut the bad memories out then you will create a barrier, and it will affect the way you think in the long, run. If you decide to repeat, your memories repeatedly make sure that you do it alone or if you are going to be around other people, make sure that you tell them that you are repeating to remember.

Did you know that every thought that crosses your mind lasts a lifetime? This is of course if you don't suffer from any disease or disorder that may affect your memory. The memory is a precious thing to have without it we would be lost.

Do you ever set back and think what we would be like without a brain? We would be useless; our bodies could not function properly without a brain. Therefore, it is very important that you do everything that you can do to help sharpen your memory. Make sure that you try repeating to sharpen your memory; you may find that this works better for you than any other method. Repeating is the act of saying something over and over until you can remember what you have said without looking it up.

Still, you can use other tactics to sharpen the memory. Music is a great way to sharpen the mind, especially if you consider the tactic. For instance, if a favorite song is playing on the radio, instead of focusing on what you like about the song, let the song drive your memories to an instant in your life. I am confident you will come up with a working memory that just might make you feel good.

If you take notice of how your memories respond, you will see the waterfall flowing rapidly down memory lane. This is just one idea. However, you can also recite information to help you recall and remember effectively. The more you recite the better the short-term memory will respond.

If you have difficulty learning, it is probably because your mind is not focused on the subject. Therefore, relaxing before starting study can help you move the blocks that trap your mind and hinder your learning.

The mind will work with you if you put forth the effort. If you try to fight the mind, it only tears you down. Therefore, as your memories start to develop, form, and let you in on details, go with by letting the water flow smoothly without fighting or interrupting the mind