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Aum Meditation Is A Social Meditation That Is Performed In Groups
May 27th, 2017

The Many Benefits Of Meditation

AUM meditation is a social meditation that is performed in groups and which teaches you to be in full control of your emotions through being able to express various states of mind that moves from one polarity to another. The basis of all AUM meditation is that you need to rid yourself of tension as well as stress and to also follow the twelve stages in which you go from active to interactive meditation. Thus, you will need to go through stages in which you will experience different emotional expression, perform dances and even bio-energetic exercises as well as many other things till you attain complete silence within you, and will have achieved openness and love in your heart.

Many Benefits

Through AUM meditation, you get a wonderful opportunity to breathe new live into old friendships while also making new ones and you will enjoy the energy it gives you as you are able to do away with stress and tension and become more aware of your own power as well as vitality. In fact, through AUM meditation, you can also heal your old wounds and it is also very healthy as far as your mind, body and spirit are concerned, while it also gives you a renewed taste for life as you feel warmer and more relaxed, and become ready for love as well as celebration.

Of course, AUM meditation is also very intensive and thus can only be taught by people that have been specially trained in this form of meditation who can lead you through the various stages that begin from Return to Hell, moves on to Heaven and then on through about nine other stages till you reach the final stage that is known as Namaste and Hugging.

AUM meditation is really a therapeutic and spiritual event that causes the heart chakra to open and it helps in cleansing out as well as transforming the feelings and makes a person think more clearly and become more self confident, and brings fellow meditators closer to one another, while also transforming stress into creativity as well as painful feelings into love and friendship. It is also a technique of social meditation that is run in a group and it shows you how to deal with others and also makes participants mirror fellow participantsí actions. Thus, there is a transformation from the negative side to the positive side and from hatred into love which makes you realize and also recognize what freedom truly is and what love really is.