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Tips & Ideas For Foreplay
Tips & Ideas For Foreplay
Tips & Ideas For Foreplay
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Fun Foreplay Ideas
Ideas For Foreplay
22outrageous Love22 Song
A Little Goes A Long Way
A Sexy Phone Message
Skills At Talking Dirty
Couples Making Love Live
Being Naughty In The Bedroom
Agt Da O Ol
Akn R Pe
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Amazing Foreplay For Him
Improving Your Marriage
Another Word For Romantic
Apex Ax 90
Appreciating The One I Lovenote
Appreciating The One I Lovenote
Dirty Talk At Beginning Of Relationship
Opposites Attract Poems
Intimate Games To Play With Your Spouse
Beautiful Simplicity
Talk Dirty In The Bedroom
Fun Free Ideas For Bedroom Romance
Bedroom Role Play
Bedroom Role Plays
Bedroom Role Playing

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While most people acknowledge that opposites attract, they are also quick to point out the men and women generally tend to be different in a number of ways. Although this is basically true, it isn't an excuse to not have romance in your marriage. Men and women can both be romantic with their spouse once they understand the likes and dislikes of their partner. Sometimes it just takes a little patience, attention and effort on your part to get things going and to make romance happen.

For the husbands that have no idea where to begin with their wives, you can always start with a day at the mall. Prepare a shopping list of specific items or stores you know she either frequents or would enjoy receiving a gift from. If you still feel quite clueless as to what you buy your wife, here is your own shopping list guaranteed to thrill her. Begin at a bath shop and buy her lotion, bath gel and/or powder. Next, visit a lingerie shop. If you are unsure of your wife's size, ask the employees for help. There is no need to be embarrassed and they are more than happy to assist you in your search. Locate a fine and reputable jewelry store. If you are unsure of your wife's ring size, stick to a necklace, bracelet or brooch. Stop by a liquor store and pick up her favorite bottle of wine or a bottle of champagne for no particular reason other than to celebrate each other. Your next stop should be the flower shop where you can pick out her favorite flowers or a simple rose. Finally, you will need a card to accompany all of your purchases. If you prefer, you can make your own card or write a personalized love letter instead. Make sure that all of her gifts are wrapped separately and enjoy the pleasure you both will get from your efforts!

Now for the wives who want to do something extra special and romantic for their husbands. You can either buy him a romantic card or write him a personal love letter before sealing the envelope and sealing it with a kiss. Make sure you use the reddest lipstick you have for the kiss and then mail it to him. For a variation on this idea, spray a card or note with your perfume. Try and do your best not to become a choice between him and his passions, whether they are sports, computers, etc. He was once a huge fan of yours and you simply have to remind him of that at make it worth his while to be your fan once again. If you have trouble understanding your man in your relationship, take the time to discover what it is about him that makes him who he is. Robert Bly and Rachel Snyder have some wonderfully entertaining and insightful books to assist you on this subject. Not only will you be able to understand your husband a little better, but you will be able to increase your intimacy level and trust as a result of your efforts

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