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Love is a wonderfully simple concept, but it is never easy. Love and romance work together, hand in hand. Romance is when you show your spouse in your own special way how much you love her without ulterior motives. You introduce romance between you and your partner to show that there is love in your relationship You express your love through appreciation and in showing him or her that you have been thinking about them and your love. Romance and love is about selfless giving for the pure joy of making your marriage a happy union.

Love can never be expected to be perfect. Although some people might come close to perfect love, it is impossible to achieve. While love is a perfect feeling, humans are imperfect and cannot enjoy the perfection of love without flaws. It doesn't matter, though. Imagine how boring a perfect love would be! Keep in mind that love is never about perfection and it should only be about love. Romance isn't without its imperfections either. You will have hits and misses with romance. What works for one person may not work for another. Romance should simply be about love and it is important to remember that especially when you experience one of those 'misses'.

When it comes to the emotional needs involved with love, men and women tend to far more similar than they are different. When it comes to sex, that's where you'll begin to see the noticeable differences between men and women. Every human being is a complex combination of both physical and psychological characteristics. The closer you move towards the sexual end of things, the noticeable the differences between men and women will be. When you take a look at the emotional needs of both men and women, they become far more similar.

When you approach romance, you cannot approach it as if it is a science or some task that can be controlled or predicted. Romance is an art form that should be expressed as creatively as possible. Romance can be simple or it can be outrageously outrageous! When you enter into a relationship and intend to make romance a strong part of that relationship, you need to make sure that you have an open mind, a creative nature or that you have access to excellent resources that allow you to borrow from other people's creative genius.

Love is something two people have to work at together. You need to be able to set any competitive nature aside and truly enjoy what your are able to give as well as what you receive. If you are always trying to outdo what your spouse has done or even what you have previously done as far as romantic attempts, you will eventually become frustrated and fall flat on your face. That's not very romantic.

Romance should be personal and never feel forced or as if it is part of any bargain. Love should be given freely and accepted freely without conditions or guarantees. Any other expressions of love are doomed to hurt feelings and ultimately failure

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