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Being Naughty In The Bedroom
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Being Naughty In The Bedroom
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Role Playing Submission Ideas
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Sometimes spontaneity is something that some people aren't used and they avoid it because they fear that it may cause quite a shock to their system. If you feel like you aren't ready to spring the romance on your spouse or it might work better for your marriage to approach romance in a more organized fashion, you can actually schedule romance into your week. This method of romance introduction also works well with people who feel that they are too busy to bother with spontaneous romance. You most likely already have your calendar loaded with commitments and reminders, so your romantic schedule should work out quite well with your particular type of lifestyle.

Naturally, every week begins with a Sunday, so your week of romance will begin on the same day. Sundays are typically a 'day of rest' for many, but that doesn't mean that you must lounge around the house or park your being in front of the television all day! Most towns and larger cities publish their own guidebook that lists all types of attractions for locals and tourists to visit. Your city might even have a web site with this type of information. Find something you and your spouse have never done or visited before and go together.

On Monday, celebrate the birth of your spouse! It doesn't have to be his or her birthday in order to celebrate the fact that they were born. Find a book or greeting card that lists all of the special events that have happened on the day that they were born throughout history or find a list of famous people who share his or her birthday. Also, you can find their horoscope for the year, week or day and present it to them as a birthday wish. On Tuesday, make it an extra special good-bye when you leave each other for work or other commitment. Kiss for a long time or enjoy a nice long embrace. Continue to look back at him or her while you walk toward your car or the door.

On Wednesday, play the lottery or buy some of the instant win tickets that you must scratch in order to win money. Let him or her know that you don't need any because you won the lottery when you met them. On Thursday (and all subsequent Thursdays), you need to present your spouse with a gift. Simply mark Thursday on your calendar as gift day.

On Friday, take the time to reminisce about all that you have done together, whether it be looking through a photo album, watching home movies or simply sitting together and talking about great memories. Be careful not to touch on subjects that could lead to resurrecting hurt feelings or bad memories (it's okay to have them- just don't re-visit them during your 'romance' time). Avoid anything that will remind you of arguments or of family members that cause friction between you and your spouse. You can also take this time to get a head start on Saturday's romance mission of cuddling, touching and enjoying each other more

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