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Fun Foreplay Ideas
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Has timing always been an issue for you no matter what you try to do? Maybe you're someone who can be creative, but you're not sure when would be the perfect time to surprise your husband or wife. Timing can be crucial depending on the sort of romance you have in mind with your spouse. Sometimes you must plan romance while other times you have to always keep a watchful eye out for the right moment to present itself. You might think you are blind to those moments or you simply don't have any instinct for timing, but here are a few ideas to get you started and hopefully find your own groove.

Guys, when you arrive at home with your wife, you can take this opportunity to 'sweep her off of her feet'- literally! Have you ever carried your wife over the threshold of your house? Well, it's a gesture that never gets old. The timing can be tricky with this one, though. Don't do it while either of you have a bag or bags in your hands or while she's on her cell phone. While the women may feel that this is an appropriate action to take with their men, it most likely won't work. If you feel you must give it a try, more power to you!

Create a home that is your romantic getaway location for both of you. Always keep a number of items that you can use in order to transform your home into a romantic hideaway. Keep a box filled with romantic scented candles, music, flowers and wine and keep some sensuous foods in the kitchen at all times. These can include strawberries, grapes, whipped cream and anything else that sparks your imagination.

When one spouse leaves a trail of clothes from the door all the way to the bedroom where they are waiting, it is always acceptable and a hit! You can also use a different version of this classic by leaving a trail of lit candles that lead to the bedroom. As always, the brightest burning flame should be that of the person waiting in the bedroom. Don't be surprised if your spouse's flame matches yours by the time he or she reaches the bedroom!

For romantic moments at the workplace, simply take the time at work to stop, call your spouse and tell them that you love them. Copy your face or a part of you body on the copy machine and send it to him or her with a funny or suggestive note. Send him or her flowers at the office or to the restaurant where he or she is having lunch. Mail him or her your contact information on a Rolodex card with a memo saying, "Love Source. Call when lonely or horny."

Finally, make sure you check his or her schedule ahead of time before attempting this next move. Pack a pillow and a blanket in a picnic basket and go to his or her office during the lunch hour. Tell his or her secretary to hold all calls, lock the office door and turn off every source of outside communication. Make love on the desk. It will most likely be some of the best sex you both have had in a long time and could become a habit

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