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Being Naughty In The Bedroom
Being Naughty In The Bedroom
Sexy Role Playing Games For Couples
Being Naughty In The Bedroom
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Fun Foreplay Ideas
Being Naughty In The Bedroom
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Role Playing In The Bedroom Game Ideas
Sexy Role Playing Games For Couples
Talk Dirty In The Bedroom
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Relationships take work, work and more work, but it takes hard work to have a successful, happy and fulfilling relationship. While you may feel like you are working very hard at your relationship, you need to work harder. You can never put enough effort into making a relationship successful. After the initial 'work' it may not seem so much like work once you've introduced or stepped up romance into your marriage. For those of you who feel that you are hitting a brick wall when it comes to being creatively romantic in your relationship, here are a few ideas to get you going.

You most likely have life insurance for both you and your spouse, so why don't you have a warranty for you and your spouse? Show your love and commitment by presenting your wife or husband with a lifetime relationship warranty. Be as specific as possible on your warranty! List your commitment and devotion on several pages if you must, but make sure you 'guarantee' your dedication to the growth of your relationship.

Selfless acts are exceptional ways to show your love and they can be very romantic. Imagine you are both up early getting ready for work and it is ice cold outside. You go about your routine, but you try to make it outside a good five to ten minutes before he or she does. You start their car, turn the heat all the way up and brush off the snow (if any) so that when they come out to head off to their destination they have you to thank for your thoughtful foresight and initiative. A warm car on an icy morning is one of the most creatively romantic gestures you can offer your spouse.

Mark your calendar each week to remind yourself to take the time a write down something wonderful about your spouse. It could a reason why you love him or her, one thing he or she did that you thought was wonderful, an inspirational thought inspired by him or her or all of these ideas. At the completion of a year, print out all of your thoughts on a long piece of paper and present it to him or her as a scroll wrapped with a ribbon.

Unless your job requires constant communication with work because you are a doctor, firefighter, etc., you need to stop depending on your multimedia and electronic devices for a good amount of time each week. You can do this however suits both you and your spouse best, whether it be random days, an entire weekend or any other time that works for you. Disconnect from your cell phone, computer (this includes email) television, radio and even the newspaper or magazines. You and your spouse need to spend time together without the distractions all forms of media present on a daily basis. You will find yourself looking forward to this time once you get used to not having to jump each time you hear your cell phone or worrying about what you missed in your email. You will learn that it call all wait and is far less important that the time you are spending with your spouse

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