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Being Naughty In The Bedroom
Being Naughty In The Bedroom
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Being Naughty In The Bedroom

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Naughty Games To Play With Your Husband


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If you've made the efforts to complete an entire week of romance with your spouse, you may or may not have been able to come up with your own ideas. If you find that you haven't been bit with the romance inspiration bug on your own, you can plan several weeks of romance for you and your spouse with a few more suggestions. Once you've implemented the ideas that work for you and you've been doing them for a while, you are sure to be inspired with your own thoughts and ideas.

Start your week off on Sunday and keep in mind that it is a wonderful day to remain low-key and enjoy time alone with your spouse. Take a long walk without cell phones, iPods or any other distracting devices. Just you and your spouse should take a walk and enjoy each other's company. Hold hands while you walk. You can also spend the day in your bedroom, keep the curtains drawn and light some candles. You are in charge of whatever else happens there. On the other hand, you can spend the entire day in bed with the curtains open and read the paper to each other or watch movies all day. Eat your meals in bed. (Making love is definitely an option as well!)

On Monday, wake up with the birds. Enjoy a morning together without the normal rush you typically go through. Go to a music store and buy a romantic CD to present to your spouse. Enjoy it together before going to bed. Mondays are also great for calling in sick to repeat an exceptional Sunday again.

Tuesdays are great days to wake up early and begin making love with your spouse. On another Tuesday, try reading something you both find to be inspirational aloud. As an alternative activity for particularly busy Tuesdays, send your spouse loving thoughts by using mental telepathy. You don't think it works? Try it and you'll see.

Wednesdays are always difficult days of the week because they are only the halfway mark to the anticipated weekend. Do something different like taking a class together, give each other massages (or just give him or her a massage) or have dinner together. In fact, pack a picnic lunch, meet him or her at work and either eat there or leave to eat at a park or even in the car.

You must remember that Thursday is always gift day. When you are at a store and you spot something your spouse might enjoy or you know he or she will love, you should start picking those items up and storing them for Thursdays. You should never run out of gifts this way and you must never miss gift day!

Friday is always a day to look forward to! When your spouse comes home from work, have 'your' song playing on the radio. If you took dance classes together on Wednesday, they will come in handy! Draw him or her a bath and share it together.

Saturday is your day to be creative. Think about his or her favorite artist (music, painting, sculpture, etc.) and buy them some of their work. Make love, but make up some fun rules like you can't open your eyes or you can't use your hands. Make a decadent dessert and feed it to each other. Start all over again when you wake up Sunday morning

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